Spring Snowfall… What a beautiful inconvenience

FullSizeRender (4)March 3rd: It’s about 12am and I turn my head towards my window, I notice how bare it looks, there are no curtains and the blinds are bunched in the corner. However, the sky is filled by more stars than I can count. As I try to count though, my eyes begin to feel the weight of a well lived day. As I lay there tucked up in my bed I gently drift into a deep sleep.March 4th: As light poured into my less than immaculate room, it began to tease my eyes open from their deep and well needed sleep. I finally fully woke to the sound of my alarm and the defiance in my own voice. “Ugh, 7:30.” As I open my eyes they pan back to the curtain-less window and find something completely unexpected. A Spring snowfall. I clamber out of bed towards the window, my foggy mind a distant memory (pardon the pun). I stand there in a stupor for what seemed like a frozen moment (come on you liked that one), my mind seems to mimic the snowfall, drifting and landing where it seems fit. I place my hand on the window, knowing that there is just a thin piece of glass separating me from this phenomenon. Many thoughts pass through my mind at this time, “well this is unexpected”, “I want to go and play”, “how lucky am I to be able to see such a spectacle, such an exhibition of pure beauty, the World has not yet had a chance to touch it, to cast it aside or mould into what it wants it to be.” 

FullSizeRender (5)Then it strikes me, I need to get ready, I have to go to work…I have to go to work and it’s snowing… ugh, I have to cycle to work and it’s snowing. Suddenly this magnificent flurry has transformed into an complete inconvenience. I reluctantly  remove my hand from the window and compose myself, shaking away the wondering thoughts of the inner child. With the responsibility “to adult” looming I begin to get ready and find yet another obstacle. Those Wellingtons I ordered yesterday would have been very handy… I guess boots will have to do, but those boots don’t go with this outfit, *changes the outfit*, nope, this outfit isn’t comfortable enough and if I am being honest, it’s really not that practical. After a 15 minute deliberation I finally settle on being comfortable in my own skin, disregarding the confinements of society and the limitations of the weather. If I want to wear a skirt in the snow, I shall do so, why? Because I do not like trousers, simple as that.

9am: After a very kind friend and some travel-related issues I manage to make it to work just 15 minutes late. I am very fortunate to work close to where a few friends are currently staying and as I arrive I see one particularly loony friend running around in his dressing gown and flip flops taking photos! Let me explain… he isn’t from around here, nor am I for that matter, he doesn’t really get to see snow all that much so he kind of just went with it. Seeing him made me smile, it also reignited that inner child that was surfacing this morning as I was standing by my window.

After 35 minutes I gave into that inner child and joined my friends on the back lawn as they were making snow angels and having what looked to be a very intense snowball fight. I opened the door and a snowball came whirling past me, “missed!” I shouted. I heard a giggle coming from behind the bushes as two people jumped out armed with snowballs, they hurled them towards the two unsuspecting girls. Everyone was in fits of laughter. It filled the grounds and more people came to join us, smiles exposed on each face.

FullSizeRender (12)

I was called back inside as our session was about to start and people were arriving, yet again I had to subdue my inner child. However, I found it hard to concentrate; I felt confined and unsettled. I was inside a room full of windows and yet again felt the frustration of having a thin piece of glass separate me from the wide open space full of excitement. I could see my friends still playing, they teased me, beckoning me to return to them, but, I have responsibilities, I was here to work and that is what I had to do. I forced down the feelings of confinement and carried on, still I kept an eye on the clock.

FullSizeRender (3)1pm: I looked up at the clock and back at my work, I had done all I needed to do for the day and I had done it well…all considering. I felt like a caged humming bird just inches away from the sweet smelling Petunia that hung delicately in front of me, I was ready to be set free. I picked up my umbrella and put on my coat saying my goodbyes to my colleagues, I am 95% sure that they could see the anticipation radiating off of me. I took a careful step outside and felt the crunch of freshly fallen snow. I sighed a satisfying sigh and set off on my walk home finally free of confinement. I took in my surroundings, everything seemed so different. People were taking their time rather than rushing, the streets were quieter than usual, the roads nearing abandonment. Then, I watched the trees as the snow settled on the branches, I saw how they hung slightly lower and swayed with the passing wind. It was breathtaking.

My walk home took a little longer than normal, I was understandably unsteady on the icy pavements, I was careful not to misplace my footing, a slip, trip or fall was the last thing I needed. I wanted to take in this time I had outside. I hadn’t expected it to snow, I mean it’s Spring and in the 4 1/2 years that I have been here I have never witnessed a Spring Snowfall. I suppose that is what had me in awe all day, the unexpected. This snowfall added something to the ordinary and the mundane, I could have gotten up this morning and carried on like I do most Fridays, but today I got to smile more, laugh more and appreciate more. Today I had the choice to embrace the snow as an exhibition of pure and natural beauty or as an inconvenience. I believe that I embraced both, I guess you could see it as a challenge to embrace anything unexpected in life that way. It may make life a little more of an adventure.


 A Spring Snowfall, what a beautiful inconvenience. 

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