Asian Cooking: Chicken and Broccoli Noodle Steamboat

noodle_steamboat_08Estimated 25 minutes cooking time   |   Free on Extra Easy

The chicken and broccoli noodle steamboat is a lovely Asian-inspired dish that combines a beautiful broth with the crunch of fresh vegetables and tender chicken. I prefer to eat mine with chopsticks to add to the Asian sensation. Watch out for that broth splash-back though!

The full recipe can be found in Slimming World’s extra easy express cookbook, the following is my take on the dish.  


  • Rice noodlesnoodle_steamboat_01
  • Chicken breast
  • Chinese five-spice powder
  • Light soy sauce
  • Ginger paste
  • Garlic
  • Boiling chicken stock
  • Spring onions
  • Broccoli florets
  • Mixed peppers


Before doing anything cook those noodles noodle_steamboat_04and leave them for around 2 1/2 minutes. Once cooked drain and set aside.

Meanwhile marinade your chicken with garlic, ginger paste, five-spice and soy sauce, make sure you mix this well to have a juicy and flavoursome coating on your chicken.

Place your stock into a saucepan and bringnoodle_steamboat_02 to the boil, add the chicken mixture and cook for 6 minutes.

Whilst this is cooking slice your vegetables, after 6 minutes place the vegetables into the pan and adjust heat for preferred crunch consistency, cook for 6 minutes. Add the noodles into the broth in the last few seconds.

Give it a good stir and there you have it!


Over time I have tried and tested this dish, it tastes fresh, looks beautiful and fills you up, all in 25 minutes. What more could you ask for when trying to shed those pesky pounds?

There are a few things that I like to do with this meal to make it have that graceless flare.

1) The recipe says to use thin egg noodlesnoodle_steamboat_03 however I personally prefer rice noodles, however this will change the flavour and consistency of the dish as rice noodles lack flavour and are quite wet, so if you choose to do it this way make sure you only put the noodles in the broth for 30 or so seconds.

2) I have found that the way you cut your chicken and vegetables in this dish is key. I have noodle_steamboat_06decided to slice my chicken rather than cubing it as during the marinating stage the chicken soaks more of the soy sauce and you find that it has a greater depth of flavour. I also like to use fresh veggies and usually cut the peppers into strips to help with the texture of the dish.

3) Make sure you have enough stock cube for the amount of liquid as this is the bulk ofnoodle_steamboat_05 the flavour for the broth. I have put too little in and felt that it lacked luster.

4) I also tend to add black pepper or more soy sauce when I have plated the dish as this adds that extra flourish to an already great dish.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Asian dish.





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