Flower Shows and Grapefruit Explosions

20th April 2017 – Harrogate weekend away.​

img_9696As a non-native I haven’t explored much of England. I’ve been to the typical places and I am working my way round, so when Jon’s Dad got us Betty’s vouchers for Christmas I jumped at the chance of going somewhere new. Of course this isn’t all flower shows and afternoon teas, this is a graceless getaway and on a graceless getaway there’s always a mishaps or two!

We stayed at the Fountain Guest House which is a lovely place, the staff where great and the breakfasts were delicious. It was a short 10/15 minute walk from the town centre which did us good on the way back from champagne tasting.

Let’s just dive right in with the first graceless mishap. We hadn’t even reached Harrogate when my uber account was hacked. Someone was using my bank card to travel around Russia! So when we reached Harrogate, settled in and headed out for some food, I looked at my phone and noticed that something was not quite right. Of course, I then had to change all my passwords, contact uber, and check that my bank account had not been wiped clean; just perfect timing. So I called the bank and they had to post me out a new password, which meant I couldn’t use internet banking whilst I was away, but my account was safe. I was not a happy bunny, in fact I was extremely pissed off and felt violated, I was also hungry, very hungry… not known to be a winning combination for me. However, an Asian salad later, some reassurance from Jon and things were looking up, I had managed to sort out the problem with uber and could continue my weekend away in peace.


We spent the evening looking around the town, finding the hidden gems. One place that we returned to every day we were away was Jespers. A specialist pen shop. Jon is a fountain pen enthusiast and I have also caught the bug, so this was a real treat for us. We managed to get friendly with the owner and he informed us of the history of the pens he sold and his shop.

img_9699-1The next day was amazing, we began our day with a full English at the B&B, sitting beside a lovely elderly couple who asked us if we were in town for the flower show. Obviously, as two cultured individuals we had no idea what they were talking about and stared blankly. The lovely couple informed us that it was the yearly flower show and is a sight to behold, if we get a chance we should check it out.

After a scrumptious breakfast, we headed out to Jespers and then down into the town; we explored the alleyways and the parks, before heading to Betty’s for afternoon tea. Betty’s… you get the Graceless stamp of approval. Beautiful!


Once we had finished our afternoon tea we went looking for the Taylor’s Tea & Coffee shop (that seems to no longer be there). With our afternoon plans now wide open, we decided to take the trip to the Harrogate Flower Show. Some highlights in video form below!


This video doesn’t exist

As Jon says in the video, very middle class; I must admit I enjoyed it. It was something different and I would highly recommend it.


We returned to the Fountain Guest House in time to change for our evening’s entertainment, Jon had booked us a champagne tasting in the centre of town. We had about 45 minutes to change and get back down for our booking. No problem right? Well, here was where I decided to cause a grapefruit explosion all over our room 10 minutes before we had to leave. When I say all over, I mean all over; my bag is still stained!

img_9712So, I am short.. and there was a big mirror on the vanity table in the room; I wanted to check myself out and make sure I was champagne tasting worthy. Jon was in the bathroom and I go to stand on the bed to see if I can get a full length look, when I take a step back and “BANG”.  A carton of grapefruit juice explodes everywhere just as Jon steps out of the bathroom. It is on the walls, on the bed, up my skirt and on Jon’s trousers. You can imagine the look I received from Jon. We had 10 minutes to clean everything and get ourselves changed before our booking. This poor boy does put up with a lot of my shit. He silently began cleaning after changing his trousers, and I got myself re-ready…

We did end up making our slot though (by running down the road) and it was a lovely night and a fantastic end to the weekend, which overall was amazing.

Until next time.








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