A letter to: Amsterdam 

“There is so much that I want to achieve in this year… I want to travel and get away, have a holiday with the girls, see places that I have never seen before, revisit places that I have fallen in love with.

August 2016


Dear Amsterdam,  

Your sights where as beautiful as your people and your taxi drivers scare me. My friends and I had never been to your wondrous city before and you didn’t disappoint us. There was action as soon as we stepped off of the plane.img_8323We went to get a taxi to our hostel just outside of the city when we were approached by a man standing just to the side of the taxi rank. He said, “come with me, we are cheaper and there is no line.” My friend, having no fear, followed the man, which left me and my other friend staring in disbelief, but we had to join her. We took a five minute walk to a complex where his taxi was parked and because I didn’t feel safe I asked to see his credentials, which of course he provided. After we were satisfied with putting our lives in this strangers hands, we arrived just outside our female only hostel to be followed in by a man. Of course we held our possessions near and immediately informed the front desk, who kindly escorted him out. This was the only terrifying experience I had in Amsterdam and to be fair we were never really in any danger. Plus, we are two Geordies and a Northern Irish lass, we could’ve taken on anyone.

Our first night in the hostel was fabulous, it was beautiful, the floors were interesting there was empowering messages on the walls and it was relaxing. No one bothered you, no one was overly noisy, blissful.


The next morning we headed to the outskirts of the city towards the Van Gogh Museum, a wonderful place that celebrates the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh. What a phenomenal experience. Not only is the building aesthetically pleasing but the inside does justice to the hardships that Van Gogh faced. It portrays the mental struggles that he worked through during his portrait painting in the hospital and tells the story of each painting through an audio addition. It really does celebrate the work of Van Gogh in a respectful manner.

After a long walk around your museum, we decided to stay in the area and get some street food. We found a fantastic food van not far along the square and I had a really good burger whilst listening to a wonderful street performer beside the fountain. I didn’t want to leave. I couldn’t have had a more perfect moment.


In that same square we happen to come across a Bansky art exhibition in the Moco Museum. If you remember in my post, A letter to: London I had said that I am a huge Bansky fan and this was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. There was also a bonus Andy Warhol exhibition happening in the basement below.

After this we decided to head back towards the city centre to explore what you have to offer. We found a quite side street with a secret gated entrance that led us to a quaint church that had the most beautiful stain-glass windows. We lit candles, said prayers and felt at home in this quiet corner hidden in the vibrancy of inner city life.

We had decided that we had seen enough and wanted to take a walk to the park we found a kids zip line and thought it a brilliant idea to test it out. One of my friends went to the shop whilst we took a rest in the park, so what else could we do than try out the zip line!? It went terribly wrong, but we didn’t tell our friend that. She tried it for herself as we knew she would and well, you can see for yourself what happened.

We then walked the canals and tasted your food, we seen street artist and experienced the flower market. We laughed, we cried and we had one heck of a time. I will see you again Amsterdam. You were a delight.

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Yours faithfully,


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