A letter to: Brussels

“There is so much that I want to achieve in this year… I want to travel and get away, have a holiday with the girls, see places that I have never seen before, revisit places that I have fallen in love with.”

August 2016


Dear Brussels,

You were the favourite part of my summer, and I am afraid that this letter is a love letter. That’s right I am confessing my undying love for you. I love your cobblestone streets and sand coloured buildings. I love that you have a museum dedicated to music from across the globe. I love that you have the best chocolate and the friendliest waffle men. I love that I spent 8 hours on your streets and that was all it took for me to fall in love.


We traveled the streets and began at the Musical Instrument Museum, there we could listen to instruments from around the world, there was every kind of brass instrument you could imagine, every kind of piano, every kind of harpsichord. It was a musicians dream and it put me into a Brussels trance. Next it was onto the national gallery, where we sat on the steps and enjoyed a waffle from a Frenchman. He was highly complimentary and added to your charm.

We came to an endearing square decorated with flowers across the spectrum. We sat and looked out towards the palace. I imagined the stories that happened there, the people that have walked these streets and fell in love just as I have. What is it about you Brussels? Why in such a short time was I so enamored with you?

I took a longing glance and then it was off to roam your streets and talk to your natives. We stopped at the most wonderful chocolate shop with the kindest waitress. We headed to your markets and experienced the culture you had to offer. We stopped for a coffee and a look at the map. We were proud of what we could accomplish in such a short period of time and yet there was still not enough time to bask in your glow.


Soon it was nearing our time to leave, we walked back up our favourite streets and revisited our favourite sites, savouring every moment. I felt the electricity at the core of the city race through me as the church bells rang and people began to fill your streets. The hum of the crowd filled my ears and I pleaded for more. But alas, it was time. We walked casually back to the train station, and with heavy hearts boarded.

Brussels you had me at hello, I fell for you the moment I stepped off the train and had to read the signs in french. You are untouched by the likes of me and I wish you to stay that way. Thank you for the wonderful times and the stunning views.

All my love,


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