Breakfast Bar Disaster

So I thought, let’s get healthy, but you know let’s still have a treat every now and then. Where better to find innovate great recipes than Pinterest? I found this recipe created by My Fussy Eater and thought to myself that looks good, I have most of those ingredients let’s give it a try and who knows it could be my next big breakfast item.

But no….nooooooo. If you would like to see the graceless attempt at the strawberry and quinoa breakfast bars please take a look at the video below.

The bar works out at 4 syns per slice when everything is added up. The syns come purely from the fruit for those slimming worlders out there.

As I say in the video this recipe gets a six out of ten as I think I would use less quinoa and something a bit more sugary, the bars are more savory than sweet (even add an extra tbsp of vanilla). I would also recommend cooking the quinoa the night before and letting it cool. Have enough oats and ripe banana’s in and this recipe would be a winner.

Until the next graceless mishap!



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