The live by list.

13435363_1045244955512086_6711487692555265950_nSo I turned a quarter of a century a week ago and my best friend wrote me a “live by list” for the next twenty five years of my life.

Not only do I agree with her list but I also want to actively do something about it. Before I get into that, here is her list in her words.

12705442_971022782934304_2643192127785036792_n1. Be Bold: you’re at your best when you’re filled with a fiery passion and a willingness to be courageous! Keep that shit up and keep starting a fresh.

2. Look after your body: your body carries you everywhere, it is strong, brave and able to do more than you’ll ever imagine. Let it explore, let it feel new airs, let it move, dress it in bright colours and appreciate it for what it is. It is you!93ca3-11188464_834724206564163_365589722174355999_n

3. Speak your mind: open your mouth because change begins at that first grasp of air. Don’t waste your mind on staying silent your opinion is valid. What your think matters. How your speak up is important for others. DO IT.

4. GIVE: give all to what and who you care about. Don’t be greedy with your money,11896008_887212247982025_5491566380814035533_n time and pride. The world is a shitfest so please dont be another shitty person who’s obsessed with winning a losing battle.


5. Love yourself: you dont owe anything to anyone but you do owe it to yourself to love you. you can’t be a force to be wrecked with if you dont love yourself. It’s hard, seriously, but its worth it. Trust me.


Well now isn’t she one with words. I absolutely love this, I think not only does it speak to me but it speaks to all of us. What person doesn’t need to do more of these things and I would be proud of my life if I can follow these five simple, but profound life suggestions.

So I have made a pledge to myself. I will step by step live out this list. I am beginning with number two. To look after my body and I would like to make this journey with all of you. I will be documenting the changes I make and how I look after my body, but until then. I want to leave you with the final piece of advice that my best friend left me.

Go; be bright, be bold and be the you I know you are.

This list is most definitely Graceless Living approved.


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