An iPhone saved my life (weight loss story)

So, it’d be nearly a year since I have even remotely tried to run. I’ve made my excuses and ate everything I could get my hands on. Lately I’ve found myself looking in the mirror and not recognising the person staring back.


I cannot remember a time that I haven’t had a weight problem. I’ve been on a diet since I was 12 years old and have had little success. When I was in university losing weigh was not a priority and I slowly reached a high of 17st 7lbs but when I graduated and adult life was on the horizon, I moved to England and everything changed, for the first time I was in control of my food. I began to control what I was eating and got myself an iPhone, the gadget that saved my life. I downloaded the couch to 5k and began falling in love with running. I lost just over 3st and weighed 13st 10lbs, I was running 10k two – three times a week and I wasn’t losing anymore weight. Until slimming world, where I lost another stone.


Then I stopped exercising and as my portions got bigger so did I. I’ve piled the weight back on, my clothes don’t fit, I fall asleep on the sofa at 7:30pm because I have no energy and I’d had enough when I started to want to hide myself away from everyone because I felt too fat for society. I know how to treat myself better than that, I’m an advocate for self love and equality.

So I’m doing something about it (again), on October 10th 2017 I weigh 15st 6lbs, today I went for my first couch to 5k run in nearly a year and I am proud of myself.  Here’s to many more.

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