Two Weeks In – Training Update

Although my post Why I am running for The Christie has just been published, I have been training for the past two weeks and it has been difficult. I am not just talking “oh my legs hurt” difficult, I am talking about compressed nerve, attacked by a dog, nearly quit difficult.


For various, inexcusable reasons I began my training for this 10k quite late, therefore, I needed to kick my backside into gear and fast. I joined a gym because there was snow everywhere and went back to the trusted couch-10k app. I began at week 3 and immediately found out that this was a punishment for the extreme laziness (and weather) related excuses that I had come up with.

Week 1  – Improved Distance: 2.57km (26mins) – 3.01km (30mins)

img_025218th March 2018, Wk 1 – Day 1: My first day felt foreign to me, I second guessed myself and also my participation in the race. I thought, what have I signed up for, why couldn’t I have chosen a 5k or maybe a walk?  Although as time went on I managed to struggle through and finish running 2.57km in just over 26 minutes. At least I knew that at that moment it could only get better. Right…?

5 min warm up, 1.5R + 1.5W, 2.5R + 2.5W (X2) 1.5R + 1.5W, 5 min cool down

22nd & 23rd March 2018, Wk 1 – Day 2 & 3: As you can see I was pretty unfit, however by the end of the week I could see the improvement, I found it difficult to motivate myself but with Jon’s help and a big push I was on my way to 10k.



Week 2 – Improved Distance: 3.06km (30mins) – 3.4km (34mins)

27th March 2018, Wk 1, Day 3 (again): I earned my Rising Star Badge! The beginning of the week was amazing, the first run went so well, until I realised it was because I was repeating day 3 of the img_0325program…and I only clocked this after I had completed the run. Yep, so I have had to do four runs this week and put myself back a day, but hey, I had a moment of bliss. I was running and feeling good about the time, in fact I remember thinking, this isn’t so bad 4 minutes goes by so quickly… needless to say I now double check before pressing go. Although the run on the Wednesday was actually quite good, I felt strong and my breathing seemed to be under control, sure I was definitely counting down the seconds until I could walk again but I was in a much better mindset and I was running 3.06km.


28th March 2018, Wk 2, Day 1: I felt good I ran 3.5km in 34 minutes and thought what a brilliant start, maybe my mix up the day before helped me prepare for today!

5min warm up, 3R +2W, 4R + 3W (x2), 3R + 2W, 5min cool down

31st March 2018, Wk 2, Day 2 (Part 1): This was when I was having trouble with a striking pain that traveled up my calves and numbness in my feet that I can only compare to painless pins and needles (I later googled my symptoms to find out that it was nerve compression due to either my socks or the tightness of my shoes). Forewarning; I am not proud of this (in fact I went into the ladies changing room and had a quick cry), SPP_2278I quit 11 minutes into my run. I couldn’t take the pain anymore, my brain couldn’t overcome my body and I jumped off before I could even attempt to motivate myself. I walked quickly into the changing room and began to stretch, that was when it hit me. I can do this, I have put so much pressure on myself running faster that I have before, being stronger than I was before but that means nothing if I can’t even finish. I am not doing this for myself, I am doing this for everyone who has ever suffered with this awful disease, because the money I raise may bring us one tiny step closer to a cure.

5 min warm up 3R + 2W, 5R + 3W (x2), 3R + 2W, 5min cool down

31st March 2018, Wk 2, Day 2 (Part 2): I looked at myself in the mirror told myself to wise up and get on with it. I went back at it, took the pace down and listened to my body. I allowed myself the freedom of doing the best I could in that moment and focused on the people I love; and you know what? I did it, I picked up where I left off and I finished the training session. I felt much more comfortable with my stride.


Sunday 1st April ,Wk 4, Day 3: Ok so I am in a much better place, img_0326I wore my cancer unity band and kept my head in the game, I didn’t even let an intimidating dog stop me. I went to the forest to run so that I could put yesterday behind me. I completed the run comfortably and I earned my Half Way to 5k Badge. I am proud of myself and of the people I am doing this for, we are strong.



5min warm up, 3R + 2W, 5R + 2W (x2), 3R + 2W, 5min cool down

Well that’s it for this week, I’ll be keeping you posted on the run ( 😉 ) up to the 10k, know that my mind is in a good place and I am on track to being able to complete the race, but for now I leave you with this, do not let your mind and your body compete, rather, listen to both and find a balance, never give up. 


Until next time.

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