2nd April – 8th April

This page is mostly to help me focus and track what I eat and do in a week, it allows me to keep motivated and is somewhat of a diary. 

Although, just in case you are ever interested in how I plan my week here it is. Most of the time though it doesn’t go to plan, sometimes I eat well and sometimes I let myself have a treat. This week some of my breakfasts and lunches didn’t go to plan but that’s ok, life is messy and you do what you can. I have felt good this week and work has been productive, I haven’t yet weighed myself but I did have a physical at the doctors and everything seems to be on track.  

Meal Plan



  • Monday – Friday: 40g of Weetabix Crunchy Bran with milk and a banana
  • Saturday: Banana and rice cakes – had a bit of a lazy morning and a lie in.
  • Sunday:  Scrambled eggs on toast with bacon


  • Monday: Avocado on toast with roasted tomatopbar
  • Tuesday – Wednesday: Honey & Sriracha glazed Meatballs with salad and couscous
  • Thursday – Friday: Chicken Tikka Wraps
  • Saturday: After run Protein Bar – surprisingly filling
  • Sunday: Lamb pie with Italian salad

Work Snacks

  • Monday – Friday: Grapes, pink lady apple and sour cream and onion rice cakes.


  • Monday: Tofu Stir-fry with chili noodles and a coconut and lemon grass sauceimg_0356
  • Tuesday: Light Lamb, mushroom and spinach Korma with wholemeal rice
  • Wednesday: Wholemeal Tagliatelle with prawns, parma ham and parsley
  • Thursday: Chicken pho
  • Friday: Meal out in a lovely Turkish restaurant
  • Saturday: Selection of fish sushi, melon and a small piece of carrot cake
  • Sunday:  Homemade wrap pizzas

Exercise Timetable – Running

Wednesday: 5min warm up, 5min Run + 3min walk, 6min run + 3min walk, 5min run, 5min cool down 

  • Total Time: 32mins, Total Distance: 3.29km

Saturday: 5min warm up, 5min Run + 3min walk, 8min run + 5min walk, 5min run, 5min cool down

  • Total Time: 36mins, Total Distance: 3.76km

Sunday: 5min warm up, 8min Run5min walk, 8min run, 5min cool down

  • Total Time: 31mins, Total Distance: 3.34km

Weight Loss this week: 2lbs

Total Weight Loss: 5lb (wk 3)

Next week I promise a more in depth insight into my mindfulness and a gallery of my meals. 


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