First: Sunday Breakfast in the Garden

img_0399Lately we have been feeling a little bit boring, life seems to be an endless cycle of work-  exercise – bed. So this morning Jon bounds out of bed and says, “lets cook breakfast in the garden!” My response, “sure, why not.”

A few days ago we went to Go Outdoors to get a camping stove, which was to act as our BBQ for the summer (would recommend). We then set it up on a fold out table and began to lug everything we needed outside. Jon was head chef and I was in charge of toast (ok so we aren’t completely cooking our breakfast outside).


We had a great time doing something different, we laughed and joked around as the bacon was cooking, chasing each other in the garden and thought of different ways we could make our breakfast more exciting. We enjoyed doing something different, it gave us a bit of push and some motivation to do the rest of the things we had been avoiding. Now we get to sit in our lovely freshly hoovered living room able to do the things we love. The breakfast wasn’t half bad either. 


 It is nice to sometimes take a moment to relax and unwind, to really take in your surroundings and be with the people you love. Work and life shit can get on top of you and if you dont include these little things then what is the point? So go on, go and get yourself a little camp stove and make a breakfast in your back garden, or you know, whatever else you are into, just go and have some fun and take life a little less seriously. I promise that it will make you feel amazing.


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Until next time.


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