9th – 15th April

This page is mostly to help me focus and track what I eat and do in a week, it allows me to keep motivated and is somewhat of a diary. If you are interested here it is.


Honestly what a shit week, I have had a really hard time all across the board, work has been difficult, family have been ill and my mental state is not were it should have been, I’ve had to rush to fit in my runs and it just seems like everything has been out of rhythm. I’ve really tried to stay positive and healthy but my age old demons reared their ugly heads and I caved. I missed two runs and ate some chocolate and ice cream, and you know what? That’s ok. I am not punishing myself for feeling bad or for having something that might not be too good for me. Life has been shit this week and I can admit it. It is ok to feel like shit, it is ok to admit when you just need a sofa day to contemplate everything that is going on. It’s ok to cry and scream and show that you are frustrated with how the week has gone. What is not ok is bottling all of that up, trying to put on a brave face only to have all of this frustration to come out eventually in a more unhealthy manner. I am glad that I have dealt with what has happened this week in whatever way it has manifested because I am not allowing all of the shit to haunt me. I am putting one foot forward and saying next week will be better.

Meal Plan


Monday – Friday: 40g of Weetabix Crunchy Bran with milk and a banana
Saturday: Bacon and eggs on toast (bit of a trend here)
Sunday: Bacon sandwiches (I mean we’ve got to use it up)


Monday: Salmon and watercress pasta salad
Tuesday: bachelors tomato and herb pasta

Wednesday: Roast chicken salald with left over pasta
Thursday: Chicken salad sandwich

Friday: left over pizza toppings with roast chicken
Saturday: We had a late breakfast…
Sunday: Sushi


Monday – Friday: Grapes, pink lady apple and sour cream and onion rice cakes.

Workout Snacks: Protein Bar


Monday: Macaroni and cheese
Tuesday: Chicken fajita pasta
Wednesday: Chicken fajita pasta
Thursday: Feta and pine nut boat
Friday: Steak, boil potatoes, broccoli and green beans topped with homemade peppercorn sauce
Saturday: Pasta Pesto
Sunday: leftover pasta pesto

Exercise Timetable – Running

Monday: 5min warm up,10min Run+ 5min walk,10min run5min cool down 

Total Time: 35mins, Total Distance: 3.7km
Sunday: 5min warm up, 20min Run,  3min walk, 5min cool down

Total Time: 33mins, Total Distance: 3.6km


Weight Loss: +1lb (I mean are we really surprised)

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