16th -22nd April

This page is mostly to help me focus and track what I eat and do in a week, it allows me to keep motivated and is somewhat of a diary. If you are interested here it is.


I have struggled to recover from last week and my diet is not where I want it to be. I am lacking motivation to move and I am letting excuses creep in. “Oh it’s ok, you’ve had a really hard day, go ahead eat the demon chocolate…”, “don’t run today, the day off will help your muscles heal, in fact take another day off just in case,” “let’s face it you are too lazy and want a takeaway”.

By the end of the week it was make or break time. This run is getting so close and with my motivation hitting an all time low I was panicking. I need to run, if I don’t run I wont make my goal. Honestly it was the only thing that got me out of my bed on Saturday morning, and you know what, it was the best thing I did that week. Not only did I run but I meal planned and went food shopping, I spent some time in the garden and with Jon; this weekend helped me heal from the trauma that last week had left with me. I feel rejuvenated and recharged, I have found a new love and I am guessing the sun has helped. What I am taking forward from this is, turn your phone off and take your running clothes to work because as soon as your backside reaches that sofa there is no going back.

Aims for next Week:

  • Do four runs and get past 5km
  • Actually stick to my meal plan
  • If weather permits get your backside in the garden
  • Spend quality time with your friends and Jon
  • Try Yoga next weekend
  • to make one heck of a big decision
  • Read more!

Meal Plan

Monday – Thursday: 40g of Weetabix Crunchy Bran with milk and a banana

Friday: Protein Bar
Saturday: Bacon and sausage buttie with red sauce.
Sunday: Cereal with Almond Milk

Monday: roasted chicken with wild rice salad
Tuesday: Chicken salad sandwich

Wednesday: mostly junk food
Thursday: mostly junk food

Friday: chicken pasta pesto
Saturday: We had a late breakfast…
Sunday: chicken pasta pesto

Monday – Friday: Grapes, pink lady apple and sour cream & onion rice cakes.

Workout Snacks: Protein Bar

Monday: homemade healthy Jerk chicken kebabs
Tuesday: Butternut squash lasagna
31069010_1705074719529103_4069144701624647680_nWednesday: Leftover butternut squash lasagna

Thursday: Chinese takeaway
Friday: grilled trout fillet with roasted cherry tomatoes, broccoli, asparagus and new potatoes
Saturday: BBQ
Sunday: Homemade Chicken gyros


Exercise Timetable – Running

Saturday: 5min warm up, 20 min run, 5 min walk,  5min cool down 

Total Time: 35mins, Total Distance: 3.75km

Sunday: 5min warm up, 25min Run, 5min cool down

Total Time: 35mins, Total Distance: TBA

Weight Loss: 0

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