Life Update: I am D.O.N.E

“So you’re doing Slimming World…again?”

Yep that’s right, it’s happened, I’ve exhausted my resources in every area and I am giving Slimming World one more try. I’ve had great difficulty over the past two years with my weight and I just can’t seem to shift the pounds, my body is holding itself hostage and it’s effecting everything I do. I’ve tried everything, my own version of healthy eating, I tried OMAD, I ran a 10km and nothing. I have kept within 5 pounds of my current weight through it all and you know what… I am D.O.N.E. 


I highly rate Slimming World, when I first started I had come of off a 3 stone independent loss, I was running 10km three times a week and thought this might be the thing to help me along with the last few stone. It worked, I lost another stone whilst on Slimming World and then let life get in the way. I stopped going to group when work and my MA got too much, I didn’t focus on myself, I let my weight and mental health get out of hand and well here we are a year later back to my original weight.

So much has changed in that time, I’ve had massive life milestones and my life is hurtling forward, I most certainly am not getting any younger. It’s all got me worried about the future, I’m worried that my weight will complicate a future pregnancy or I’ll end up with diabetes, a heart attack or some kind of complication that I just don’t need, not to mention the embarrassment when you go zip lining for your partners birthday and need the “extra-large harness”, this is not who I am! Life is not for worrying or embarrassment, I dont have time for that mediocre shit, I am over here with a love for life but I am hardly experiencing it because I really like food. No strike that, it’s not because I really like food, it’s because I am a textbook emotional eater. I will eat for England, France and Scotland if the occasion is right. I’ll eat if I am in pain, stressed, sad, tired, on my period. Give me an occasion to feel and I will exercise my jaw until I am so full that I struggle to sleep. It’s just not healthy and it’s really not me, so I said to myself “what are you going to do about it?”

img_1516The dramatics are over, it’s time to adult and face my feelings come what may. I am breaking the destructive cycle and putting my future first. I am determined to make Slimming World work because my life and my health are more important than any piece of food.  So I guess I will keep you updated…

Your’s faithfully

Graceless Living 


PS. I also had a birthday and got some new glasses!


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