Slimming World: Week 2 Menu

Total loss: 4 lbs

I had a birthday and went out for two meals I think a half a pound loss wasn’t too bad!


Breakfast: Coffee with berries and yogurt, a tsp of honey and 2 tbsp of pumpkin seeds

Lunch: Leftover Pasta Carbonara

Dinner: Leftover SW chicken

Snacks: Apple and an orange

Total Water:  5 glasses                 Total Syns: 13.5                 Total Steps: 7,500 

Healthy B: 2 tbsp of pumpkin seeds

Healthy A: 2 cheesestrings




Breakfast: 40g of Crunchy bran with Almond milk and a tsp of honey, accompanied with a banana and coffee

Lunch: Thai turkey mince salad

Dinner: Cheesy Bean Grill

Total Water:  5 glasses                 Total Syns: 12.5                  Total Steps:  8,535

Healthy B: 40g of crunchy bran

Healthy A: 2 cheese strings


Thursday – Birthday 

Breakfast: Baked Oats and a fruit salad

Lunch: Spinach and lentil pie – no picture as was made for me

Dinner: Medium Butterfly chicken with spicy rice and corn on the cob from Nando’s

Total Water:  5 glasses                 Total Syns: 11                  Total Steps:  7,767

Healthy B: 40g of oats

Healthy A: 2 cheesestrings


Breakfast: Watermelon and coffee

Lunch: Leftover Cheesy bean grill

Dinner: Spaghetti bolognese

Total Water:  1 glasses                 Total Syns: 7                  Total Steps:  7,500

Healthy B:

Healthy A: 4 dairylea cheese triangles



Breakfast: Crunchy bran with almond milk and an orange


Dinner: Another Nando’s

Total Water:  4 glasses                 Total Syns: 11                  Total Steps: 8,400

Healthy B: 45g of crunchy bran 

Healthy A: 4 dairylea triangles 


Breakfast:  coffee and watermelon with 45g of crunchy bran and almond milk

Lunch: beef and sweetcorn koftas with salad

Dinner: Cod with samphire and cubed potatoes

Total Water:  5 glasses                 Total Syns: 7                  Total Steps: 3,805

Healthy B: 45g of crunchy bran

Healthy A: 4 dairylea triangles 


Breakfast: 45g of crunchy bran with a banana and almond milk accompanied with strawberries and a coffee

Lunch: leftover beef and sweetcorn koftas

Dinner: Turkey Jalfrezi

Total Water:  4 glasses                 Total Syns: 9                  Total Steps: 7,500

Healthy B: 45g Crunchy Bran 

Healthy A: 2 cheesestrings

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