First: Dinner on a steam train

charnwood_17-08-18_lowres_00002There are some experiences in life that I just wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the obscure hobbies of my partner. This weekend happened to be one of them. The other half and I traveled up to Leicester and had a first class fine dining experience on a stunning heritage railway that hosts the Charnwood Forester. I really didn’t know what to expect.

charnwood_17-08-18_lowres_00012So the other half is quite into steam locomotives, he’s built many models, had a many a meal on one and has even driven one. So when I noticed that on Virgin Media Experiences they were offering a meal for two on the Charnwood Forester I jumped at the chance. *warning* We’ve had this in our diaries since Christmas but as most of you may be aware I’ve recently started Slimming World. I want to say this now, the two do not go hand in hand. I did not eat a Slimming World diet whilst I was away and boy, did I have a gastronomic time!

charnwood_17-08-18_lowres_00004We began the day in Loughbourgh where we wandered about the market and got to know the town before stopping for what we thought would be a light lunch… I was wrong. We wandered into a place called Dolcino, which is what I now know to be a fantastic dessert cafè. If you are ever in the area you should most definitely check it out. I was starving and ready for a meal, I thought get a ham and cheese toastie and a small waffle to treat myself, you know a typical holiday attitude. But, oh my gosh did I underestimate this place; as Jon slowly lowered my plate in front of me my eyes widened and my belly responded with a gurgle of what can only be described as pure excitement. The waffle was the size of my face, and I mean literally the size of my face. When I tucked into the thing it was carnage, I was in pure ecstasy and I just about needed a mop to clean the residue from my face. Honestly this was a real treat and the selection was fantastic, it is mostly desserts however if you get there before 12pm they do a breakfast, and if this waffle was anything to go by you won’t regret it. It was glorious.  *removes dribble from chin*


Sorry, where was I? Ah yes, train…food…good. So after a momentous nap and some beautifying we took a 15 minute walk to the Great Central station ready to set off on what was my first experience near or on a steam train. There is a certain smell to the wooden tracks that the trains run on; it reminded me of when I would graze my knee as a child and my mum would run out with the TCP. It brought back some fond memories… Once we made our way down to the platform the train was waiting there, shiny and running with the steam cascading from her. She was lovely and the decor of the platform transported me back to the 50s, they have really done a fantastic job.  We were able to explore and look into old team rooms and waiting rooms, the detail was fantastic.

charnwood_17-08-18_lowres_00008Once on board we found our starters waiting for us, chicken liver pate, exquisite. This is where I have failed you internet, I have not managed to take very many pictures of the food as I was wholeheartedly enjoying the experience and the view. We passed over a lovely reservoir and had idle chit chat (made up ridiculous stories to see what they would believe) with the couple seated next to us, but what made the experience for me was the waiting staff, they were fantastic, they were jovial and honest and made the evening very pleasant. We were on the train for just under three hours and it was magical, the time floated by and when it was all over I waddled and rolled myself back to our hotel. 10/10 would do again, therefore, this trip is very much graceless approved.

Until Next Time.


For those interested here was the menu for the evening

Starter: Chicken Liver Pate

Soup: Creamy mushroom soup

Main: Lank Shank with mint sauce and vegetables

Dessert: Fruit salad

To finish: Selection of cheeses and coffee with a dark chocolate mint

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