Slimming World Week 4 Menu

Total loss: 9lbs

So I had a holiday during this time, one of the days is pretty bad 


Breakfast: Watermelon and coffee

Lunch: Leftover chicken supreme

Dinner: chilli and sweet potato

Total Water:  7 glasses                 Total Syns: 19                 Total Steps: 7,281

Healthy B: 2 hifi bars

Healthy A: 2 cheesestrings 




Breakfast: Cereal and Banana with coffee

Lunch: Leftover SW chili

Dinner: Leftover bolognese

Total Water:  5 glasses                 Total Syns: 8.5                  Total Steps: 7,500

Healthy B: 45g of crunchy bran

Healthy A: 2 cheesestrings 



Breakfast: Watermelon and coffee

Lunch: Chicken salad and sushi

Dinner: Chicken breast pizzas

Total Water:  5 glasses                 Total Syns: 9.5                  Total Steps: 6,496

Healthy B: 2 hifi bars

Healthy A: 2 cheesestrings

Friday – Holiday Time – First:dinner on a steamtrain 

Breakfast: Passion fruit and watermelon with coffee

Lunch: Ham and cheese toastie with a waffle

Dinner: Charnwood Forester menu

Total Water:  8 glasses                 Total Syns: unknown                  Total Steps:  11,228

Healthy B: 2 hifi bars

Healthy A: 2 cheesestrings

Saturday – SP Day


Lunch: Tomato soup and salad

Dinner: Lamb shanks and Veg

Total Water:  5 glasses                 Total Syns: 2.5                  Total Steps: 3,369

Healthy B: 2 hifi bars

Healhty B (2) : wholemeal roll 

Healthy A: 30g of cheese

Sunday – SP Day 

Breakfast:  Salmon and eggs with speedy veg

Lunch: vegetarian falafal and salad

Dinner: Salmon and squished salad

Total Water:  8 glasses                 Total Syns: 3.5                  Total Steps: 

Healthy B: 1 slice of wholemeal bread

Healhty B (2) : 2 hifi bars

Healthy A: 30g of cheese 

Monday – SP Day 

Breakfast: Watermelon and passion fruit with coffee

Lunch: leftover falafal and salad

Dinner: Pork burgers with butternut squash

Total Water:  8 glasses                 Total Syns: 10.5                  Total Steps: 7,039

Healthy B: 2 hifi bars

Healhty B (2) : 2 tbsp of Pumpkin seeds

Healthy A: 2 cheesestrings

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