Hygge: 3rd – 10th March


If you have seen last week’s post [find it here] you will know that I wrote about living a Hygge life and how my partner and I felt about it. Towards the end of the week we began to conclude…. why not let’s carry on?

So here is a list of Hygge things that we did last week.

Monday – Screen free night

Last week we thoroughly enjoyed less screen time (as in couch potato TV time), we decided to clean and sort the house, enjoying a leftover curry that we had lovingly made a few nights before and had some quiet time, together.

  • Together was the important part of this evening as we wanted to be able to relax in eachother’s company without any pressure to make the evening into a series of activities. It definitely is one of our favourite Hygge activities and one that we will continue to do every week.

Tuesday – Breakfast together

No photos of porridge but here is one of our favourite breakfast that we will have together

As you can, see Jon and I really enjoy eating together; we also have extremely busy lives which means that two days out of the week we don’t get to do that. I gently encouraged Jon out of bed with the promise of porridge and a special coffee. We ate together at the table and laughed, we felt so much better getting this time in and it helped shape our mindset for the day.

Create Something – Cross stitch


As Jon was at band practice I was left to Hygge by myself for the first time. I thought a lot about what I would like to do, how I could make the most out of my Hygge time and decided that I wanted to create something, I wanted a new project and I decided that I would start a new cross stitch.

If you are interested in cross stitching I highly recommend Stitchrovia I have purchased a few of her patterns and I have never been disappointed.

Wednesday – Dinner with candles and Music


It is as simple as it sounds. We ate dinner at the dining table together with music and candles. We enjoy taking this time after work, we make sure to get changed out of our uniforms and consciously put away devices. We take in the moment and it helps frame the evening, we are relaxed and have gathered energy for the rest of the evening.

Thursday- Film and an early night

This was my night and I had finished an already long day at work late. Therefore I decided that I would curl up on the sofa with my blanket and purchase a film that I had wanted to watch for a long time. Jon also was away this evening and when he returned he chose to work on his own projects. Even though we didn’t do these things together we both felt the evening was well spent and then together decided to have an early night. We felt refreshed and ready for the next day.

Friday – Unique dining experience


Jon and I decided that we would like a completely different dinner. We went to Waitrose to gather quality ingredients and allowed ourselves to eat by the TV.  We made sure to set the mood with soft light and cleared the living room to make it as cozy and comfortable as we could. We then enjoyed fabulous bread, cheese, meat and sundries. I tried Camembert for the first time, a cheese that truly does smell like a hybrid of boiled cabbage and cauliflower but tastes pretty great. We drank our favourite wines and watched Game of Thrones, this was a truly luxurious evening and we loved it! I highly recommend adding this to your Hygge list.

*Hygge Box – We also began to gather items to put in our Hygge box – blog post coming soon, click the follow button to get notifications when I post!*

Saturday -Shopping, mini golf, and pancakes


Jon had a wonderful idea to get out of the house and do something out of the ordinary. So we went shopping, as we do not enjoy a Saturday morning shopper rush we decided to get up early, make pancakes and head out to take a leisurely stroll around the shops. It was brilliant, there was no one around and we felt that we could take our time which in turn allowed us to feel calm and relaxed. We finished off shopping and headed to mini golf, something we hardly ever do, and of course Jon won. It was a fabulous morning, and I do mean morning as we had finished shopping and mini golf by 12pm. It was freeing to have so much time but feel like you are living well, doing things, and most importantly making memories.

Sunday – Reading, Writing and a Hygge Book

Today I have enjoyed taking a day to read and write, to fill my heart with joy and prepare myself for next week. What I haven’t mentioned within this post is that Hygge has also made us want to be more proactive with our space. We are taking time to clean our cozy places, do the laundry and make our home a place that reflects the meaning of Hygge. If you would like to know more about Hygge I recommend this book. [The Little Book of Hygge] I am about 50 pages in and have found it very helpful.



Why not comment below what you would do during a Hygge week?

Until next time!


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