A month worth of goals

IMG_2544I’ve found myself waking up everyday, trying to live a healthy life and failing. I’ve made so many excuses and it just isn’t working, the problem is, the more I try and fail, the more I’m beginning to see myself let’s say negatively, and that shit effects everything. I don’t want to keep going down that path so I’m setting some goals for the next month which I will come back to and review. I mean… it’s got to be worth a try. 

A Months Goals

Goal 1: Just run, I dont care how far just do it at least 3 times a week


Goal 2: Try yoga and some sort of strengthening routine, see if it helps


Goal 3: Eat as best as you can, enjoy the bank holidays but be sensible


Goal 4: Establish good habits and routines


Sub goal: Wake up early and read at some point


Goal 5: Talk to other people more


In a month, come back and reset your goals. Make a note of what works and what doesn’t. Good luck.

Until next time


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