A letter to myself: See you in a Month

So… I’ve been lacking a lot of motivation lately and came up with a way to keep myself accountable. If this is of any interest to you then I hope you enjoy, here is a letter to myself that I will read in a month. (This post might make sense to read first)

Dear me,

You’ve got some goals in mind, you’ve written about them, researched them and published them to whoever is willing to listen. However it is up to you to reach them. Here are a list of my hopes for you. I hope that you have made some better habits and feel better in yourself. I hope that you feel happier and are leaning on those around you.  I hope there has been change, and I hope that you are beginning to find yourself again. I hope that you continue on to reach these goals and next month I hope that you respond and set new ones.

There may have been days where you looked in the mirror and said “nope” there is no hope, everything you are doing is to no avail. Nothings changed. You may find that to be true, you may have given up, or cheated, had lazy days, had difficult days, there may have been issues or circumstances that have come up that were unavoidable. Work may have been hard, life may have hit hard, injuries might have happened and so on. I hope that you will respond not only with your victories but also with the tough times. I hope you know that it is ok. I mean it’s ok to have tough times but if you just haven’t got up off of your arse you do deserve to feel guilty. Go on, put down your crisp packet and get outside and run. I hope that you keep going no the less.

If this is how your month has been I want you to know that it does not mean that you have failed, that does not mean that you have to give up, that this is your the life. Everything changes and change will always take time, just keep on pushing through day by day. I know you and I know that you like a purpose and you love a challenge, find a new challenge to set yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time.



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