A Graceless Easter Sunday

SPP_4081This holiday has become one of my favourites, an anticipated glutenous Sunday with a bank holiday either side…yes please. Easter has also developed into a bit of a tradition in the Graceless household due to our glorious lamb roast. [Click HERE to see last years] We love cooking together and will take any excuse to apron-up, this year is no exception. We have been looking forward to our Easter roast since devouring last years; here’s hoping it lives up to the hype. However, to successfully celebrate a Graceless Easter Sunday we have to start it off right.

The Day


img_3612We began the day with a lie in and a good breakfast. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and every good Sunday has to involve a lie in and a noteworthy breakfast.

img_3611As we were anticipating our roast later on we decided on a simple jam on toast (underrated in my opinion).  

Although this couldn’t be just any jam on toast, we had specifically went and bought a heavenly bread from The Hollies and used our preferred jams. Mine was a homemade strawberry jam and Jon had a cherry and amaretto selection.

img_3617It was splendid, I had one of my favourite coffee’s and ate in my garden, feeling the grass beneath my feet and  the glorious British bank holiday weather on my side.

I then set to writing and creating (so stay tuned for those posts…).  I lounged and cleaned and did what most people do most Sundays which is anything they want. It was delightful if you can I highly recommend it.


Here it is the illustrious Easter Roast, we’ve looked forward to it all day, joked of naps to make it through, all of our preparation has led us to this moment and oh my goodness was it marvelous. It was very different to last years, but it’s was phenomenal, the work and effort that was put into the cooking of the lamb, the roasties, Jon’s orange and  caraway seed carrots was a labour of love but it was completely worth it. [Related post coming soon.]

The Aftermath:


After dinner we lounged in the garden with the appropriate amount of alcohol soaking in the sun, I painted and cross-stitched as Jon created his Hygge box. We enjoyed our Easter Eggs, hedgehog and bunnies, slowly slipping into a chocolate and bank holiday trance.


What an incredible day, and only one all important question remains… do we stay up until 2am to watch Game of Thrones?

Until next time.


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