So…Bird watching anyone?

SPP_46002020, new year, new…well we’ve all eye rolled at the rest. It is a natural reaction at this time of year to begin to reminisce and think about (what’s the current social media craze, ah, yes the decade photos) the past 10 years, to get back into writing, eating right, give your liver a rest, or becoming a vegan for a month. Well, I am a Millennial and a sucker for some self improvement, with my can do attitude but lack of will power I have been taking a look into what I would like to do better this year and have come up with four goals.

I am not holding back and this year it is a go big or go home (cliche), I am getting closer to 30 and I am beginning to feel the need to nest and settle, as well as run away, become a hobo and travel the world (just as you should feel in your 20s). I want to make these last two years of my 20s and have some fun, but in order to do that I need to feel at my best, have energy and an open mind.

IMG_2544We had some big life changes in 2019 and although my life has improved for the better I still have found myself back in some bad habits which have result in my gaining every single lb that I have lost over the past three years. So with all that in mind get ready to groan at the obvious yet vital first goal.

Goal 1: Lose the f*ing weight

Now I know, it is something we all say, and we all intend to do but if a healthy long life is in my future it is time to make it a priority. So, yes lose the f*ing weight and everything that goes with it.

Goal 2: Write anything 


It’s also time to get back into my passion and stop being afraid of it; writing. I need to write, I don’t mind in what form but I miss it and I want it back, and I promise at the end of the year that I will have something to show for it and better backbone for criticism.


SPP_4643Goal 3: Travel outside of the UK

For the past few years I’ve been travelling within the UK a lot and it’s been a while since I went anywhere else, so I want a proper holiday somewhere outside of the UK to experience culture, beauty and a good time.



Goal 4: Bird Watching

Yes, you read it right, I want to try bird watching, I want to be a twitcher. Why not? Bird watching takes me to new places, gets me out in the fresh air and I think is pretty cool… So watch this space for some bird watching adventures.

Well there you have it, my goals, they are predictable but that does not mean that they are not good goals to have. I believe that everyone should try and improve themselves. Have you got any goals for 2020? Or do you have any experience with any of the above? I would love to read about them in the comments below!

Until next time!



Ps. here’s my decade photos…


8 thoughts on “So…Bird watching anyone?

  1. I’m pretty sure you’ll achieve them all !
    My 2020 goals include drinking water ( human recruitment level ) , having breakfast and have a dynamic social life.
    Keep everything crossed for the both of us !

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