Week 1: Here we go again


Well they do call it a weight loss journey right? I’ve been doing this for years and I am right back where I started, getting into the car ready to start this journey all over again. I have made this my first goal of the year and I want to keep an online diary of what I’m doing and how I’m feeling, maybe share some food pictures, tips and recipes that I enjoy. Mostly I just want to be accountable, so if you’re interested it won’t be the most eloquent but you are welcome on this journey. 

 Week 1: Here we go again…

1st January 2020

Ok so it’s not a Monday – Sunday week but I wanted to start this on New Years day (Wednesday) so that I could keep track of my whole year. This week I wanted to get my head in the right space and to work on motivations. I wasn’t too bothered about what I was eating, and as I was still on holiday, I didn’t want to be restricted but still make good choices; which means no food judgement, just enjoy yourself. I had a lovely week and I can’t wait to keep up my journey. Next week I will be tracking calories and exercise as well as water consumption.

Wednesday – day 1

Today was a very lazy New Years day getting things ready for work and the holiday. We  also took the decorations down and used up what we had in the fridge, I didn’t do much movement and watched a few films, overall a quiet day of recovery (and no pictures). 

Breakfast: Bacon sandwiches

Lunch: well we put the tree down and finished off the Lindt chocolates…

Dinner: Left over rustic curry and flatbread – a family recipe


Thursday – day 2 

I tried a little harder today and actually made dinner, however, since it was a holiday, and we had travelled to Wales, I enjoyed a drink or two with good company, but food wise I tried ok…sort of… not really. We were travelling and I wasn’t prepared, I promise it will be better next week. 

Breakfast: Chatwins turkey, stuffing and cranberry bap

Lunch: Service station McDonalds…I said no food judgement remember?

Dinner: Yaki Soba (p.61 Wagamama: Feed Your Soul)

Friday – day 3

What a relaxing day, I took a walk today and enjoyed the sights, it was a great reading and writing retreat; a well needed space to clear my mind and get my goals in order for the following year (if you are interested in my trip a post will be coming soon). It was beautiful.

Breakfast: Bacon and egg sandwich

Lunch: Chicken butty with fruit and a treat

Dinner: Chicken Katsu Curry with rice and salad (p.65 Wagamama: Feed Your Soul)

Saturday – day 4

We made our way from Wales and began to get everything in order for returning to work on Monday. It was a chilled day and I spent most of it cleaning and food planning. I feel like I am more prepared and know I will do so much better during the work week. 

Breakfast: I call it holiday cereal

Lunch: A very calorific tuna mayo sandwich

Dinner: Salmon with broccoli and flageolet bean mash

Sunday – day 5

To begin with we had no food and we woke up late, which I suppose was a good thing as we headed out to get what we wanted for our meals today and lunch for tomorrow. Tomorrow we are back at work and that’s were all the temptation is, therefore, preparation is so important I have been making some lunches for the upcoming week and I will be tracking my calories, exercise and water intake.

Brunch: Strawberries and a Granola/yoghurt pot. Smoked salmon and poached egg on toast with cherry tomatoes

Dinner: Homemade Irish Stew and buttery rustic bread

So here was a very honest first week; we went on a holiday and made some amazing food, had lots of alcoholic drinks and prepared for the upcoming week. I can’t wait to track my food, try out some new recipes and begin to feel that euphoric high from the exercise.

Why don’t you join me and keep me updated by leaving a comment below with how you are doing in your first week?

Until next time.


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