Book Review: A Long Way Down

A Long Way Down by Nick Hornbylogo_transparent_green_no_ringlogo_transparent_green_no_ringlogo_transparent_green_no_ringlogo_transparent_green_no_ring

The Long Way Down flows well and takes you on a wacky and wild adventure with a bunch of people that are brought together through unbelievable chance. It has something for everyone and a personality that everyone will be able to relate to. The main characters interactions are brilliant and Hornby takes a difficult subject, strips it back and makes it easier to talk about. I found myself with a better understanding after reading this book and some very peculiar sayings.


Another Book Club recommendation, some hated this book but I really enjoyed it. If you are looking for an interesting read that won’t take too long I would suggest this book. although, I do have to warn you that you do catch yourself thinking, what on earth is happening as Hornby continuously throws twists and peculiar circumstances at his characters. you just can’t quite believe how it all works but somehow it does. There are some periods of genius and times where you struggle to empathise, there are beautiful characters that have a satisfying journey of self discovery and growth, and characters that make you laugh and cringe at the same time with how self-absorbed they are.

Although there was some difficult chapters I finished the book satisfied and moments gut-bursting laughter. However, when it came to talking about this book with Book Club opinions were mixed, let me know what you think of the book in the comments below.

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