A Welsh Weekend

snowdon JP

There was much cooking, walking and writing done here. I haven’t spent too much time in Wales but I throughly enjoyed my quick weekend trip. We decided to go just after New Years and it was beautifully quiet; a picturesque Welsh countryside. There was a mist hanging in the air and a wind that could take your socks off. We had a wood burner and squeaky beds, believe me it was paradise.

It’s the day after New Years and we decided to head for a very quick two day retreat in Wales. We booked an airbnb, races down in the car to relax in front of a wood burning fire. I wanted to take this time to unwind before the chaos of everyday life returns after the Christmas break, whereas the boys decided that they were going to climb Snowden. Each their own I guess.


I loved my time in Wales, I cooked some amazing dishes there (Katsu Curry, Yaki Soba), I tried shallow frying for the first time, made mulled wine from scratch and wrote…a lot. It was the perfect escape for me. The boys returned fresh faced and sore after a hard mornings work, they refuelled, then we watched IT 2 and talked late into the night. It was just good for the soul.

If you haven’t been to Wales I highly recommend that you go, find a place on airbnb and take some time out to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, or take up an adventure and climb one of the most beautiful mountains in the UK. You can be sure I will most definitely will be returning.

Until next time.


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