February Weight Loss Goals

img_1270So I’ve been doing this whole try and lose weight thing for about a month now. It was one of my New Years goals (which you can see here). I’ve been writing weekly food diaries and did a monthly update but I want to try and break down the months even further so that I can have something to strive for and reach. A competitive mindset to keep myself on the right track.

I learnt a lot of lessons last month and found things that I really did enjoy and things that I just really didn’t. I kind of started out soft and coasted a little, doing the bare minimum that I could get away but also feel good about. Well I think that after my results I could do a lot better.

Goal 1: Look closely at my macros


I have my percentages set at 40% protein, 20% fat and 40% carbs. I have not been looking or following this at all. I want to see how important this all is.

Goal 2: Don’t eat the calories that you burnt off exercising


I have heard some contradicting things about this but my advisor has suggested that I shouldn’t eat the calories that I have been burning off, otherwise I am eating double calories and having what would be classed as a “normal” day.


Goal 3: Reduce calories to 1,650


I’ve been doing ok with calories, weekly I’ve been over a few times and had one bad week, but what I am really struggling with is cravings and snacks. It’s time to get control and to set myself a real challenge. I will be looking at end of week treats if I achieve my daily goals or end of week exercise forfeits for every calorie I go over.

Goal 4: Get more sleep


As for sleep its been another thing that has been up and down, I want to get a consistent 7 hr sleep each night with no phone and don’t have a coffee so close to bed. It will make for good reading time  and an all round better attitude.

Goal 5: Start the couch to 5k training


Running. I have a love hate relationship with it, but we are good together and I miss it so it’s time to give it another go. I will hopefully see how this will have benefited weight loss and over all fitness next month.

January Weekly Updates

Week 1: here I go again

Week 2: back to work

Week 3: cravings


Until next time.




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