My 3 stages of trying Protein Powder

protein_powder_00001I never thought that I would be the person to use protein powder, I’ve been doing this weight loss thing for a while and I thought, surly adding things to your diet cannot be helpful, but, here we are. In the beginning I had no idea what I was doing so I consulted a professional on such matters and recommend you do the same before giving it a shot.

Here are the three stages I went through when using protein powder.

The Stab in the Dark

The first protein powder that I have bought was Pulsin: Simply Whey 82%

This was a complete stab in the dark, I messaged a personal trainer who told me I should be using protein powder. They told me the one that they used and I looked at the price and scoffed. There was no way I was paying £40 for something that I had no idea would work, that would be absolutely insane. So I had a look at what other options where out there and then messaged the personal trainer the nutritional information and they gave me the green light. In fact they said that the protein would be fine but also to use it sparingly.

Once I got into the swing of things I enjoyed this powder as it was tasteless and I couldn’t tell it was there. I mixed it in the mornings with some semi-skimmed milk and a banana, I then blended them together and it tasted a little like a banana milkshake. I had this every morning for 3 months (alongside my breakfast) and then I began to seriously get bored of it. On to the next stage…


The experimental stage.

So I found these sachets of protein powder called “The Most Convenient Whey” and “Convenient Vegan Protein”. They looked amazing, finally something that wouldn’t take ages in the morning and that would taste a bit more like a treat.


  1. They have a variety of flavours which not only cut down the calories, but the time it would took to make them. No more blending!
  2. I could take them with me and not worry about getting protein powder everywhere. Very travel friendly.
  3. They taste AMAZING.


  1. The only con I could find about these is the price. I found them for £1.50 a sachet which if you use 1-2 a day will get very pricy. Amazon do have a box of 12 but I prefer to vary my flavours. These may be good for a lazy morning rather than everyday use.

The recommendations on these sachets of protein where to add it to a meal or mix it with   water/milk/almond milk etc.  – If you can afford the calories definitely mix with milk or milk substitute. 



Convenient Vegan Protein: Gingerbread flavour – 94 cal | 17.5g protein| low sugar

The Most Convenient Whey: Chocolate mint flavour – 82cal | 14g protein ­|1.1g sugar

Convenient Vegan Protein: Salted Caramel Flavour- 93 cal | 17.4g protein ­ low sugar

The Most Convenient Whey: Chocolate Flavour – 82 cal | 14g protein­| 1.1g sugar


Final Stage: I think I know what I’m doing

After trying out a few protein powders and getting to know what you like you get a little…cocky. I had heard that protein helps muscles recover from intense workouts so I made a big step and branched out on my own to invest in a Rapid Recovery protein powder. Instead of contacting the trainer again and seeing if it was necessary I went ahead and got it anyway, giving my trainer a second thought, just before I used it for the first time I messaged them and they told me that it wouldn’t hurt but only use it after an intense workout. So in other words I have no idea if this is worth it or not, but it doesn’t taste bad and I add it to my daily calories.

After workout protein powder – SIS REGO Rapid Recovery 



I want to make it clear that I did not use protein powder as a food replacement but used it to add more protein into my diet upon recommendation of a profession. 

Until next time.


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