February Hygge Week



I have decided to try and incoropate into our month a hygge week to help us recharge and “enjoy the good things in life”.  I choose one “hygge related” thing a day for us to focus on and make sure that we are prepared for it. I love doing these challenges it is so good for your mental well-being.

If you want to know more about Hygge click here —>> We tried the Hygge Challenge


Film night with hot drinks and a blanket

As we have Harry Potter related plans for the weekend we wanted to watch the films this week to get us excited. We enjoyed some quality time and I wrote a bit, Jon enjoyed some quiet and “pottered” about doing his own things… We tried a new tea, (Teapigs: popcorn tea) and had a few Jaffa cakes. Amazing!



Be creative

This was a lovely one as we are usually busy on Tuesday nights and it’s one of my exercise nights, so after the gym and a shower I sat down to continue The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster (Currently Reading). I also did a little bit of cross stitching.



Put on an album, cook a meal together and eat by candle light 

I had planned a special meal for this evening that takes a lot of love, care and time. We made Coq au Vin from the Pinch of Nom book Everyday Lights. It was delicious and such a lovely experience to cook with Jon whilst listening to The Planet Suit by Holst. What a lovely relaxing evening.


Be productive and do something you love

Another busy evening In the graceless household. I had a gym evening so it was a late one, and then we finished off the coq au vin. To be productive we cleaned and hoovered the house, got on with some unfinished projects and then read in bed together.



Spend time with friends and each other

We booked a room in Manchester and travelled up to see friends but before that we had a lovely quiet dinner together and I  saved my calories and got to have my favourite Pad Thai at Wagamamas.



Celebrate a birthday with a friend

As we had a big day before and a head of us we decided to spend our cooking a Beef pho for a very close friend. We then had a lovely time on the sofa watching Harry Potter for a little while before we had an early night. Bliss.



Day trip 

We are very excited about some time away and we’ve been looking forward to this for two years. We are finally going to Harry Potter World! More on that soon but I can highly recommend a visit.


How would your Hygge week look? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time.


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