How do I celebrate pancake day and still lose weight?

pancakeI love pancake day, I always have, but one thing that can throw you right off track when you are trying to lose weight is celebrations. So I have been asking myself how can I celebrate pancake day and still lose weight? Well, losing weight does not mean missing out, and I think I  have come up with the answer.

Our Pancakes


63 cal | 10 mins |  makes 12

We added lemon and sugar and I had strawberries on the side. 

Step 1: Do your research

I know that in my house pancake day is a big thing. We love to celebrate it, but we are also watching what we eat, and so began the research. I looked at  a variety of pancakes and measured the effort against the outcome, and I found out that banana based pancakes or oat based pancakes are not for me. I much prefer to have a traditional pancake and just eat less.

Step 2: Be prepared

I finally found a recipe that I was happy with and that I thought would make the whole thing enjoyable. Crepes, they are filling and low in calories (thank you BBC Good Food!) Once I had found my recipe I just needed to get in the ingredients ahead of time, because I don’t want to be rushing around and making choices on the go, or find out that there is no flour or eggs left, as that’s where the extra calories can come in or in the worst case, no pancake night at all…

Step 3: Know your calories

So when the big day comes you need to make sure that you leave yourself with enough calories to enjoy the meal. You will also need to keep track of the realistic calories that you are using, make sure you check your flour, eggs, milk and oil to see if it matches up to the calories in the recipe! Do not forget to leave some calories for your toppings and consider early on how many pancakes you want. This means that you can enjoy your evening guilt free.

There you have it a 3 step guide to having your pancakes on Pancake day. Please remember that losing weight does not mean missing out. I hope that you have a lovely day and enjoyed celebrating!

If you have written about your pancake recipe feel free to share in the comments below!

Until next time.


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