February Weigh in

potter_feb_2020_00023For those that are not aware this will be my second weight loss review (1 month in.) of the year, as I am two months into one of my New Years goals. I’ve been writing weekly food diaries and learning everyday. Today is my weigh in day  and I am looking forward to finding out how much I have lost so far as well as this I will also be looking at last months goals to see what I have accomplished and seeing if any make it into next months goals.

February in Review

January Weight Loss: 7lbs

February Weight Loss: 4lbs

Total Weight Loss: 11lbs

Overall I believe that I did ok. I am happy with my combined weight loss so far but I can’t help think back to the times where I didn’t do as well as I could have. I think about how much more I could have done if I hadn’t binged that day or if I started my couch-5k earlier. Motivation and stress seem to be the common issues of my month, so maybe I need to rethink my routines and use some techniques I have gathered over the many years and come up with some new goals. I believe that I need to put my mental health as high a priority as I have put losing weight.

Well let’s see how we do in March! Below I have outlined how I did with my February goals. (Stay tuned for March’s goals)

February Goals Review

img_5307Goal 1: Look closely at my macros: I have my percentages set at 40% protein, 20% fat and 40% carbs. I have not been looking or following this at all. I want to see how important this all is.

If I am being honest I really did not do this at all, I looked everyday but I did not plan my meals with this in mind which meant that I didn’t do very well with this goal. I do feel that I need more knowledge in this area before I try and tailor my meals this way.


Goal 2: Don’t eat the calories that you have burnt off whilst exercising

I actually did ok with this goal and managed to not eat any of the calories I burnt over the month, granted the first few weeks of the month I barely did any exercise so maybe it wasn’t that difficult.


SPP_4810Goal 3: Reduce calories to 1,650

Apart from a few holiday days and a few days were I let cravings get the better of me I feel that this has been the most successful goal of the month. I think that it helped the overall weight loss and I broke a mental barrier that told me that I couldn’t survive without a copious amount of food. Don’t let that inner voice win!

Goal 4: Get more sleep (7 hrs a night)
Ok so this was a bit up and down, I really did not have the best sleep this month, with a week off my sleeping pattern was up and down and for a few weeks work was very stressful which always effects my sleep. I am going to keep this as a goal to work on next month.


Goal 5: Start the couch to 5k training


Running…I still have a love hate relationship with it. I spent most of the month making excuses for not starting that in the end I forced myself out of the door and into my trainers as I knew that once I had started it would be fine and for the past two weeks I have been going ok. Although I know that it is weeks 3-5 that are the biggest hurdle from previous experience. So I might also put this down as a goal for next month.


Until next time!


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