March Weight Loss Goals

img_5445Month two of my weight loss journey.

I reviewed February’s goals in my last post so I am ready to write new ones. I had an ok month last month and began towards the end of the month to get better at sticking to my goals. I am finally enjoying exercise and feel like I am getting somewhere. My biggest achievement was what I call ” breaking stonage” (i.e. going from 14st to 13st 13lbs). Breaking stonage always helps with motivation and makes all of the hard work you have put in worth it! So here are my goals for March.

For those joining me for the first time I began my weight loss journey as a part of my New Years goals, and since the 1st of January I have been writing weekly food diaries, monthly updates and goals for the past two months. I do this because I want to try and break down my motivations even further so that I can have something to strive for and reach. A competitive mindset to keep myself on the right track.

Goal 1: Put my mental wellbeing first

img_5580It is so easy to let everything around you effect your weight loss journey. I am a self-diagonised emotional eater and when things get tough I feel an urge to binge, and that is what happened a few times in February. I had some very stressful weeks at work where I was doubting myself and everything was a little high strung and I decided that food was going to be the way I coped that I just couldn’t carry on with the day on “healthy food” I needed something high in sugar, fat and calories. Well not this month. This month I will be exploring ways that I can help my mental wellbeing. Such as being tougher and leaving on time at work, incorporating more exercise into everyday life and hygge everyday.


Goal 2: Create an exercising schedule


So in order to incorporate more exercise into my routine I need to figure out where it fits and tell someone that I know can keep me accountable. I will be continuing on with the Couch-5K training and will be trying to get everyone in my life up and moving, because if I have to so should you. Plus its great fun. I am looking forward to getting some more fresh air and feeling like I have more energy!


Goal 3: Enjoy what you are eating


When we are so focused on what we are eating and counting our calories we must remember that there are tasty healthy things out there. I will be having some of my favourite healthy meals this month as well as throwing in some wildcards to try because my list of favourites can always grow.

Goal 4: Get more sleep


This was on last months goals and I did very very badly at it. I was on my phone in the endless pit of Youtube for hours and then cursing myself when I needed to get up. However with some of my new exercise routine happening in the early morning I need to have a decent sleep routine. Sleep is worth so much, and I need to keep it as a priority that cute puppy video will be there tomorrow.


Goal 5: Lose 7lbs


This is a very specific goal and I feel a little bold making it but I do want to push myself. I have lowered my calories and increased my exercise so logically there should be no reason why I shouldn’t lose 7lbs in a month. Therefore I will make it an official goal to keep myself focused through the tough times, reminding myself that yes that chocolate is there and is screaming your name but your health and the life that you live with the weight you will lose, brings so much more satisfaction compared to the moments with the chocolate. Also you are a badass and got this!

February Weekly Updates

Week 5: I’m doing ok

Week 6: Getting used to 1650 cal

Week 7: holiday week


How is your weight loss journey coming? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time.


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