Why world book day is not just for kids…

E161F022-9060-464C-BBC0-D26CA695001AWorld Book day is a very important day for me as I am a massive geek when it comes to literature.  I have art in my house that is connected with my favourite book, I studied English literature as an MA just for fun, and the reason why I am with my partner all stems from a  love of reading. Most of the best things in my life have come about because of a book.

Ok so I am a little passionate about reading… but I also feel like reading is good for the soul at any age. So here is how I celebrated World Book Day.


I dressed up…


Ok, I was required to dress up for work but you will find no complaints here. I love it, and I will do anything to support such a good cause. P.S. If you don’t get it, I was Paddington Bear. I will do a whole other post…

I donated – https://literacytrust.org.uk

Screenshot 2020-03-04 at 20.02.44

The National Literacy Trust is a wonderful organisation with the aim to “#closethegap” in the UK’s poorest communities. They work and help with reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, providing support for those that can be the most vulnerable. What wonderful work, may it long continue. (There are many different charities out there so you could do a little research and see which one would be right for you.)

Reading Challenge


World Book Day wouldn’t be complete without a good book! I continued on with my 2020 reading challenge, I am currently reading Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

My last good book recommendation


Finally I am passing on a recommendation of the last good book that I read, and when I say that I mean the last book that really caught of a hold of me and I just couldn’t put it down.  The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson (Jon has a review here >>> https://www.jonprobert.co.uk/2020/01/theres-always-another-secret.html)

World Book Day is a registered charity on a mission to give every child and young person a book of their own. It’s also a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading. In fact, it’s the biggest celebration of its kind, designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world.


Let me know what you did for world book day in the comments below.


Until next time.


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