To the influential women in my life


Happy International Women’s day!

For International’s Women’s Day I want to appreciate the women around me, and therefore, below is a letter for all of the influencial women that have come and gone in my life. 

To the influential women in my life,

It was you who would keep me going when I thought that I couldn’t go anymore. It was you who listened when I found myself stuck in a job that I hated and felt I couldn’t get out of. It was you who celebrated when I finally did.

It was you when I got my nose pierced. It was you the first time I rode my bike. It was you there supporting me when I ran my first 10k. It was you who had my back when no one else did.

It was you that helped me start something amazing. It was you that helped me find my voice when I thought it was gone. It was you who brought the joy back to singing.

It was you who cheered me on the whole way. It was you who helped me find the courage to say the right words to the love of my life. It was you who brought me into this world and nurtured me through my awful teenage years. It was you who helped me in the middle of the night.


It was you who gave me a home at Christmas when I couldn’t get home. It was you who helped me through my degree and then through the next one. It was you that I felt I could tell the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me, and it was you who held me whilst I did.


It was you who taught me what a strong woman looked like. You may not even know who you are and for that I am truly sorry, because it was you who truly made the difference.

Thank you to all of the influential women in my life, because without you I wouldn’t know where I would be.

A Special mention for these ladies in my life

1. My Mother

2. Laura (friend)

3. Ruth (friend)

4. Imogen (friend)

5. My Primary 4 Teacher

6. Amna (ex-Work Wife)

7. Jane (Mother-in-law)

8. Holly (friend)

9. Momma (Gran)

10. Tanya (friend)


Until next time.


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