How I celebrated International Women’s Day

I know I am late but I guess it is still women’s history month right? 

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I feel like I have not celebrated International Women’s Day enough over the years and I want to do something to change that. So I took some time out to educate myself about a few inspirational women that have helped shaped the world

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women – while also marking a call to action for accelerating gender equality.

When I began my research I found that there are so many women that have done great things for the world. This posed a challenge for me so I began to narrow down my research using creative means. 


I  found a cross stitch ( that celebrated 14 women that have made a difference in leadership, science, politics, communities etc.  I wanted to know about each one, so I had a system that after I cross stitched one I would research them and learn about the wonderful things they have done. 

I haven’t finished this cross stitch yet, in fact I am just about half way through so I will need to share the finished article with you when I am done, but what I can tell you is that so far these women made their mark and did it with style.

Historical Media 

This one was Jon’s doing. Jon on his own wanted to do something to help me celebrate International women’s day. He had found an apparently famous image from a women’s magazine in 1953 and using illustrator recreated his own version. Isn’t is brilliant! 



Jon’s Image 



I had never seen this image before, I went and did a little research on it for myself but I was very proud that Jon exposed me to another piece of women’s history that I was unaware of. 


I also sent a postcard to the women that have helped and shaped me in my life. I loved these postcards as they each have a wonderfully design women on the front and give a brief description of what they have done for the world on the back. I learnt so much from these and I hope the people that received them know how much they are appreciated.  


I feel like I have learned so much this International Women’s Day and I am glad that I have gone to the effort of educating myself. I hope that in whatever you did, you had a great time! 

Let me know below some of your favourite influential women!

Until next time.


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