The Graceless Living PODCAST


Now there are many things that I love about Jon but my favourite has got to be when he pokes his head around the door and says, “Jeeesssss, I have an idea…” He then pauses and tries to look very innocent. These ideas, without fail, will either make me belly laugh or they will challenge me in some way. This idea happened to be the latter.

So it was a Friday afternoon, I had just returned home from work, and Jon poked his head around the door and said, “Jeeesssss, I have an idea… we are going to do a podcast.”

My first thought was, who will ever want to listen to us, we are just two ordinary people, one happens to have a funny accent and the other a British trumpeting engineer. After airing all of my fears and concerns, Jon managed to convince me.


“Put your head towards the mic” he said, “it looks great” he said… little did I know he was making a short joke, thanks Jon.

So we actually did it, we created a podcast, please click the link below and check it out!

The Graceless Living Podcast

Episode 1 is called Blind Book Date

The very first episode of the Graceless Living podcast. In this episode we talk about our blind book date where we bought each other a short story to read over the weekend and discuss afterwards. The books we picked this time were G.H.Wells’ The Invisible Man, and A Whole Life by Robert Seethaler.

You can also find us on Apple Podcasts here —>>>

If there is anything you think we should talk about on the podcast please leave a comment below!

Until next time.


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