How I celebrated St Patricks Day

SP8_3822Ok, I have been meaning to post this for a few weeks but I got distracted by the global pandemic, and I am only now catching up. Forgive me? 

17th March 2020

As a Northern Irish lass living in England, I like to celebrate St Patricks Day as a way to connect with home. During this time I tried to do, and make things for others to show them my appreciation and I also tried to pay homage to that beautiful little Isle across the sea.

On St Patricks Day, I baked, decorated, created, and became homesick.


I have a love hate relationship with baking, but on this occasion, I feel like my shortbread worked pretty well, at least no one complained?

I made some clover shaped short bread, and dipped them in some quality milk chocolate, very simple but effective. I then took them into work to share the joy with others. Hopefully they put a smile on someone’s face among the stress and panic around the pandemic.


I feel like with all this mess it is more important than ever to do little things for others. if you have the means why don’t you do something small for a family member, neighbour or friend? Spread the joy!

Rainbow Activity

I saw a version of this on Pinterest and I couldn’t help myself. I made Jon a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and he loved it.

To make this I used, a layer of gold coins, marshmallows and painstakingly separated skittles, layering them as the colours of the rainbow. It was a great little activity that put a smile on my face and Jon’s.


I wanted to make a little bit of effort in decorating the dining table, so I ordered some glittery shamrocks and used the leftover chocolate coins to dress the table. I then made a little effort with some white flowers, green pearls and a bit of ribbon. Nothing too fancy.



The final thing that I did on St Patrick’s Day was cook a recipe from home. I made Mother’s Shepherds Pie. This made me think of home and reminisce on childhood memories, it was a pleasure to cook and eat. I hope I did mum proud!

A side note: It is not a traditional shepherds pie, in fact it shouldn’t be called a shepherd’s pie at all, but it is something that we had at least once a week at home and I love it!


I love my country and I am proud to be from that little Emerald Isle with a big heart. What a lovely St Patricks Day!

Although it is late I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to comment below how you enjoy celebrating your favourite holidays!

Until next time.


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