My Easter Hygge Experience

easter_2020_00008I have always loved Easter, it feels so fresh, and the sun is always shining (apart from this Easter Sunday were it rained, hailed and thundered). It makes for such a lovely day. It then occurred to me that I haven’t yet applied what I love about Hygge to my Easter celebrations, so this year we made our Easter an Hygge experience.

We tried to keep things very simple and cozy. Most years I have been planning Easter for a month and then spend most of the day cooking or “trying” to make it extra special. This year I stripped everything back and soaked it all in. Here is a few simple things that I did this year to bring Hygge into my Easter celebration.

1. Easter Sunday meal

I took my time to find a good recipe that wasn’t a lot of extra work, but would taste amazing. I enjoyed the process of cooking a warm meal that didn’t cause a lot of stress.

The recipe:


Our Menu

Homemade Tomato and Basil Bruschetta


Pistachio and Apricot Lamb with homemade roast potatoes and green beans


Easter egg


Simple, but effective. 

2. Treat yourself to a luxury easter egg

It is common knowledge that Hygge and chocolate are a match made in heaven, which means that an indulgent Easter egg is perfect for the occasion. We had ours whilst drinking gin and watching The Great Escape.


3. More food: Easter baking

Delicious brownies or a warm carrot cake, with lots of spice, will always be an essential aspect of my Easter Hygge. I enjoyed (sort of) making and icing the cake, it was the homely and cozy act of baking that I enjoyed most, as it is not something that I would normally chose to do.


if you are interested, here is my baking story. I will learn how to bake.

4. Easter Hygge Decorating

It just wouldn’t be a Graceless Hygge moment without some sort of decoration. Below is something simple that I threw together with what I had at home. I placed it in the middle of my table for the week and it brought a smile to my face every time I saw it. I love decorating and I feel like it rounded off my Easter Hygge experience nicely.


Hopefully all of this brings some inspiration as how you can Hygge during Easter.

Until next time.


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