April Hygge Week



More than ever it is important to protect your mental health. Why don’t you have a go at Hygge and change your daily lockdown routine!


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Take a walk and watch the sun rise

Even though it is lockdown here in the UK we took our one walk a day and turned it into an adventure. We enjoyed taking some camping equipment, setting ourselves up in a field a short walk from the house at 6:15am, and making a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich in order to watch the sunrise. There was no one around but the sound of the birds, it was bliss.


Bake fresh bread and create the perfect sandwich

We really enjoyed having a competition to see who could create the best sandwich. Jon made a classic coronation chicken and I made the Graceless club sandwich (I won of course). What a wonderful activity and it brought great food, fun and laughter into our home.



Put some time aside to do something new

I really enjoyed this, I purposefully put some time aside and created my very own cross stitch pattern. It was so much fun, and as I cannot draw so using essential pixel art was perfect and gave me a new creative release!



Get fresh spring flowers

I decided to bring some of the outside, inside, and bought some lovely pink tulips when I ventured out for my weekly shop. They brought a smile to my face every time I passed them. Having fresh flowers is a luxury that I want to build into my daily life, there is something so calming about them.



Back garden picnic

In the UK we have been having fabulous sunny weather, so I took this time to repurpose my Easter basket and created a picnic basket for Jon and I. We then sat in the garden and enjoyed a lunch break and some sun, as well as good food and excellent company.



Screen Free evening

This is a Hygge essential, and it was fun to do something different rather than choosing between Instagram or Tiger King. It is especially in these times, so I baked some mini eggs brownies with leftover Easter eggs. It ticked all the Hygge boxes.



Read together

Jon and I enjoyed doing this. Instead of reading in bed we decided to turn off the screens and read in the living room. There is a simple pleasure in sitting together comfortably in silence.


How do you Hygge during lockdown? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time.


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8 thoughts on “April Hygge Week

  1. I think you need to actually do the cross stitch from that pattern… It’ll look lovely and will be a great hygge activity!

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