Learning how to bake: Packet Cookies?


Have you ever just had the urge to be good at something that you are simply horrible at? Well, for me that is baking. I cannot bake, like, at all. I am nervous every time I come to try it, it is an art, and I am not an artist. I am too heavy handed and blasé about it all. So, this is it, I am determined to get this. By the end of the year I will be able to have at least one dish that I can bake well consistently.

So I am starting a review process. Every time I bake, I will photograph it, taste it, review it and correct my mistakes. Here are my notes.

Ok so I started a new learning how to bake series and I thought that after my carrot cake I would do something simple and that is pretty impossible to mess up, right?

The Attempt: Packet Cookies


Did I follow the recipe: yes, all I did was add water?

Texture: cakey

Decoration: not needed

Taste: it was not good, I mean, just no.


So if you haven’t seen these packets before all you do is put two tbsps of water into the mixture provided and bake for 10ish minutes. I mean how can I mess that up? I don’t know if it was the mixture, or my oven or just that the cookies could sense that I cannot bake, but they were more cake than cookie and they tasted artificial. I really don’t know what more I could have expected from a £1.50 packet. Next time I will make them from scratch. No more ready make mixtures!

Let me know in the comments what I should bake next.


Until next time.


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2 thoughts on “Learning how to bake: Packet Cookies?

  1. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear they didn’t come out very well! All I can think of is your oven temperature was too low when they went in? I’ve been trying to get back into baking recently, I used to love it, and thought packet mixes would be a great way to get back into it.

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