Learning how to bake: Brownies

1Have you ever just had the urge to be good at something that you are simply horrible at? Well, for me that is baking. I cannot bake, like, at all. I am nervous every time I come to try it, it is an art, and I am not an artist. I am too heavy handed and blasé about it all. So, this is it, I am determined to get this. By the end of the year I will be able to have at least one dish that I can bake well consistently.

So I am starting a review process. Every time I bake, I will photograph it, taste it, review it and correct my mistakes. Here are my notes.



Did I follow the recipe: yes

Moisture: very good

Decoration: it’s brownies?

Taste: it was alright the top and the sides were a little crispy


So I cooked these way longer than the recipe called for as they were just not done, which meant that the tops and sides were a little burnt. I would make them again and cook them for longer with the temperature lower. See I am learning some technical terms. Not too bad for a beginner but could be a lot better.

Let me know in the comments what I should bake next.


Until next time.


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2 thoughts on “Learning how to bake: Brownies

  1. These look really good! I also have issues with brownies being crispy on the outside. It’s usually to do with oven temperatures – like most of my baking failures, lol. I think you should try some cupcakes next.

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