Origami: it’s folding some paper, how hard can it be?


If you are familiar with some of my other posts you will be aware that I enjoy trying new things and challenging myself. If not, (shameless plug) go and check them out… So I thought origami, yea how hard can that be? Answer: INCREDIBLY, it is so hard, well it is for a heavy handed oaf like myself. I really struggled with this, like to the point were I threw a toddler tantrum because I became so frustrated.


If, like me, you have thought in your lifetime origami; it’s just folding paper, it can’t be that hard right? I bet I could do that. I am telling you now it’s hard. It really is, it’s a skill and an art form, it is something that, if my life were on the line and I had to follow origami instructions (without a video tutorial) Jon would be planning my funeral. Honestly, I tried really hard. I tried paper instructions and video instructions, then Jon had to sit with me, show me what I needed to do and then sit with me again every step of the way. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it and I also struggled with the precision and crisp-ness of folds required. There was even a point in the middle of a video tutorial where I audibly said, “how the f*ck did he get to there“, and then preceded to huff, throw what I had worked on, the floor, storm out and immediately come back, restart the video, with a red face, and I tried again. I wish I could tell you that I conquered that origami flower, and I am very proud of my creation, but I am afraid that I just couldn’t do it, because that would be lying… in reality I abandoned the project and worked on something simpler, because that is better than giving up.

Moral of the story I hear you say, (yoda) wrap this up in a bow you must. Well, if you are sure; keep trying new things and never give up, but most importantly, remember your self worth does not depend on folding a piece of paper into the shape of a flower…

Although I haven’t been the best advertisement for origami, there are some really cool pieces out there. I have left some links below if you want to try and do better than I did. Also the pictures in this post are Jon’s creations… talented shit.

Some links:

Until next time.


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