Lockdown Photo Challenge

Photo by JACK REDGATE on Pexels.com

Hands up if you are bored of being in lockdown and need some entertainment. *puts hand up* There came a point in May where we became so creatively dried up that we needed a boost. Something to spark the imagination, bring joy and passion back to the every day, so we created the Lockdown Photo Challenge.

The Lockdown Photo Challenge was something fun that we came up with to help get us outside and give us something creative to focus on. We couldn’t have a challenge between the two of us so we contacted a friend of ours (Jim) who takes beautiful photos but also needed a distraction. Once we agreed, we came up with the rules and then got to it.

Example of Jon and Jim’s work


  1. There are 10 categories.
  2. You must submit from at least 7 categories.
  3. You may interpret these categories however you see fit.
  4. 2 photos per category limit.
  5. Use whatever gear you have to hand, including reasonable editing.
  6. Vote on the top photo of the category.
  7. You have 1 week.


1. Mechanical Things

2. Self Portrait

3. Favourite Colour

4. Nature

5. Macro (close up)

6. Too much of something

7. Symmetry

8. Food

9. Black and White

10. Morning

I had a great time with this challenge, it took me outside of my comfort zone, and challenged not only my creative eye but also my competitive spirit. Jon and Jim are brilliant photographers, they have the gear and the knowhow so for me to be competing against them was pretty ridiculous, but what it did allow me to do was think outside of the box and have fun being creative. I am proud of my photos and loved the time I spent thinking, taking and editing them.

Why don’t you play along and give the Lockdown photo challenge a go; see where your creativity takes you? I would love to see your photos either on Instagram with the #lockdownphotochallenge or email your photo to us at gracelessliving@gmail.com

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Jon’s links:



Jim’s links


Until next time.


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