June Hygge Week



More than ever it is important to protect your mental health. Why don’t you have a go at some Hygge activites, and change your daily lockdown routine!


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Monday- BBQ

We have had some beautiful heat and when the UK has heat two things happen, shorts and BBQ’s. I love a good BBQ, it is the perfect time to spend with friends, it has all the best foods and it is outside. We had a wonderful day and as Jon slaved away over the grill I relaxed in the sun finishing my book. A perfect summer evening.

Tuesday – Indulge on homemade Cheesecake

What else could be more hygge than baked and then indulging in your favourite treat!

Wednesday – Origami

This was eventful…so much so I have dedicated an entire post to it. Origami: it’s folding some paper, how hard can it be?

Thursday- Make your own pizza

Jon had a wonderful idea, he called me up and said I want to make pizza from scratch. I said, perfect, I will run to the shop after work and get what we need. I really enjoyed this whole process and will definitely be doing it again, bonus hygge was eating the pizza outside with the grass between our toes.

Friday – Thunderstorms

Lately we have had a number of thunderstorms, now if you are like me you will be sat at the backdoor with a cup of herbal tea and a blanket, listening to the rain and getting excited every time you hear thunder. This was our sky moments before a storm. Pure hygge!

Saturday – Water balloon fight

From storms to blistering heat. I had bought some water balloons to surprise attack Jon with, I had this plan to get him when he least expected it, except, he found them, and whilst I was busy, he filled them and hid them. Jon managed to get me and definitely won the water ballon fight, what he doesn’t know is he might have won the battle, but he started a war. It was so much fun, I recommend doing this, no matter your age, fun is fun.

Sunday – Gardening

This was a fulfilling and exhausting day. Garden centres reopened and the weather was turning, the perfect time to get out into your garden. We have been looking forward to this for months and I do want to do a longer post about it, so for now here is a sneak peak.

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Until next time.


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