My Optimist Moment

So I’ve had a think about New Years resolutions and like many other people after the uncertainty of last year, and the news that we have received on the 4th I wasn’t going to bother, that is until I had an “optimist moment“. An optimist moment is a brief thought that catches you off guard and wipes all of the cynical away. It is a moment of hopeful abandonment and disregard for the pandemic and lockdown restrictions that are surrounding you. Recently, these optimist moments are few and fleeting so I believe that I should take advantage of my and explore what came to me. At its core I thought that instead of making New Years resolutions, I could make 2021 goals.

Theory behind it: I chose to do goals instead of resolutions because I define a goal as something that can be strived for, altered and adapted to a potential global pandemonium (such as a 3rd/4th/5th wave of Covid). Resolutions are fixed and determined. There is nothing about this year that can be classed as fixed and determined, anything can happen, life could return to normal or we could end up in a 5th lockdown in December. 2021 is a minefield that we are all trying to navigate without a map, at any moment there could be an explosion. Even the word resolution sounds tedious and full of anguish, whereas goals sounds a lot more achievable and flexible. Goals sounds like they could survive the pending year. So if you are interested in what I am gong to try and do here are my 2021 goals.

I’ve decided to have frivolous goals that I could achieve through another lockdown or I find myself in isolation for two weeks. I’ve shaped these goals around new things that I have wanted to learn, or some achievable and realistic life goals that I have been meaning to get to. For my own organisational insanity I have decided to split them up into two categories; small goals and the big goals. I have 3 small goals and two big goals.

Small Goals

Learn how to do pin curls

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Yep, I told you they were frivolous. I’ve been working my way through the Curly Hair Handbook (post arriving soon) and I have wanted to find easy ways of creating loose frizz free curls, I’ve tried a few things and thought that I would give a pin curl tutorial a go. We shall see how it goes!

Learn how to sew

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I was a very good girl this year and Santa (Jon) got me a very special present. A sewing machine. I was blown away and I am super excited to get started. Santa even brought me my first project, a lined, zipped pouch. I look forward to spending hours deciphering the instructions and panicking each time I press the foot pedal on the machine! I will try and keep you updated on my projects.

Make my own bees wax wraps

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This is something I have been thinking about as I researched more about sustainability. I am slowly making small changes to my everyday life to become more eco friendly. Making my own wraps is another of those small steps. It is something that I find interesting and I love using the ones we currently have!

Big Goals

Open an Etsy shop

If you have reach my most recent post, (So…it’s been a while) you will have seen that I have been designing a few things. I have been designing templates for Instagram and I have also been creating and designing Cross stitch patterns. This has been a frustrating and long process but I feel that I am very close to the point that I could sell these patterns on Etsy and work on creating my own Etsy shop. If you are interested keep your eyes out! I am looking for some good names, if you have any suggestions pop them in the comments below!

Reach Target

My final goal is to reach my target weight. (Yes this is another weight loss goal but come on the others were more inventive right?) I finally want to gain control over my weight and I intend to carry on with the weight loss that I started in the middle of last year. Keep your fingers crossed for me I have a long way to go!

So those are my 2021 goals, feel free to share your goals in the comments below.

Until next time.

International Women’s Day 2021

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