EPISODE 5| PODCAST: it’s hibernation time & Google Feud


Episode 5: It’s hibernation time & Google feud!

We’ve really enjoyed making a few podcasts here and there and we hope you enjoy them too. Please get in touch if there is anything you would like us to discuss!

In this episode we discuss what we’ve been up to since last time (episode in the lakes didn’t happen… sorry!) We discuss autumn things, food things, medical things, crafty things and take a stab at Google Feud. A relaxed and chatty time of podcast.

Have a go at Google Feud yourself here: https://googlefeud.online

Your hosts are Jess (visit the blog at http://www.gracelessliving.co.uk), and Jon (www.jonprobert.co.uk).

If you have suggestions for further topics of discussion, feedback on the format, or have any other comments then please get in touch here: https://gracelessliving.co.uk/contact/ or comment below.

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Until next time.


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