Grabbing a Metaphorical Bull (My New Year’s Resolutions)

I know that the last two years has taken it out of most of us and we all could do with a stiff drink and some good news. So, I raised my glass this new year and thought of the people who didn’t make it and how shit 2021 truly has been, all in all it was a little depressing. However, after that moment I also had to think of the things that I was thankful for. I was surrounded by my Cheshire family; we had a night of playing games and I had just seen my parents and brother for a week of chaos and new memories. I have made new and wonderful friends that I cherish, and I have experienced more than ever. More importantly I finally feel like myself again. 

November for me was the worst month of my life, but I refuse to let it define what has been a pretty good year. This has motivated me to think about my New Year’s resolutions. If you have read any of my previous resolutions (My Optimist Moment and So…Bird watching anyone?) You can see that I try and do something a little different, and much more motivating that a few half-hearted promises. This derived from a similar idea I had back in 2015.

Instead of resolutions in 2015 I decided on a theme for the year; it was the year of risks. In that year I accomplished so much, I made the permanent move to England, pierced my nose, I lost all the weight, I started an MA, and I met the love of my life. All because I clung to this mantra of taking risks and forcing myself into scary situations. Although seeing it listed all together it can also seem like a pre-mid-life crisis…ignoring that. It worked out then so why not now? Surely it can’t hurt…right?

My 2022 theme is Courage.

I find that I am bold enough these days to take risks and make some tough life decisions, however, I find that I don’t have the courage to do some of the small and more fun things in life; like I feel that I can’t climb Snowden because I am too big, or blog because I have nothing of value to offer. I can’t take piano lessons because I may fail again or turn 30 because then I am supposed to have it all figured out. I can’t lose weight because if I do I know that I will want a baby and that’s terrifying. That little voice in the back of my head comes up with some excuse or anxiety and it is the voice of fear. I am done with it, fear is a liar, I am perfectly capable of all of these things, in fact they are not all that hard, but they do require a little effort and a lot of courage. 

That is why I am planning to be more courageous this year. I want to take the metaphorical bull by the metaphorical horns and go for it. Hopefully in the end I will be better, bolder, and more confident. Or at the very least, able to take more opportunities rather than fearing what is to come. I will be documenting it (already facing one of my fears) for those that are interested and want to follow along with me. 

What are you New Year’s resolutions? Let me know in the comments below and we will make 2022 our year together. 

Until next time.

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