Pancakes 3 Ways (A Slimming World Story)

Pancake day is a favourite in this household, and there was a sigh of disappointment from Jon when he thought he would need to have protein pancakes or banana pancakes this Pancake day. This got me thinking, how can I make pancake day more interesting and Slimming World friendly. I began making a list of what I found important in a pancake (I’m being serious, I literally sat on my sofa and thought about what I enjoyed most about a pancake, I may have been hungry at the time…) I decided … More Pancakes 3 Ways (A Slimming World Story)

My Favourite Slimming World Fakeaways

I’ve been on and off of Slimming World for about 5 years now and in that time, I have cooked some cracking meals. However, there is one thing that I have missed during my time on Slimming World and that is a good old-fashioned takeaway, or rather I think I have missed the feeling I get when I have a takeaway. What I love about a takeaway is that it has the ability to change a night, let me explain. Imagine you have had a very long week and have … More My Favourite Slimming World Fakeaways

Guest post: Lockdown photography and a vlog

Hello Graceless Living readers and a happy new year! May your 2021 be much more fulfilling and less turbulent than your 2020. With the new year came a new camera for me (a few weeks before to be precise). More specifically this is a Nikon Z7ii for those of a technological bent; hot off the mirrorless press. And I’m loving it! Naturally I’ve been out and about over the Christmas holidays doing my best to capture some nice photos. This has been easier said than done during the pandemic, and … More Guest post: Lockdown photography and a vlog

EPISODE 5| PODCAST: it’s hibernation time & Google Feud

Episode 5: It’s hibernation time & Google feud! We’ve really enjoyed making a few podcasts here and there and we hope you enjoy them too. Please get in touch if there is anything you would like us to discuss! In this episode we discuss what we’ve been up to since last time (episode in the lakes didn’t happen… sorry!) We discuss autumn things, food things, medical things, crafty things and take a stab at Google Feud. A relaxed and chatty time of podcast. Have a go at Google Feud yourself … More EPISODE 5| PODCAST: it’s hibernation time & Google Feud

My Optimist Moment

So I’ve had a think about New Years resolutions and like many other people after the uncertainty of last year, and the news that we have received on the 4th I wasn’t going to bother, that is until I had an “optimist moment”. An optimist moment is a brief thought that catches you off guard and wipes all of the cynical away. It is a moment of hopeful abandonment and disregard for the pandemic and lockdown restrictions that are surrounding you. Recently, these optimist moments are few and fleeting so I believe that I should take advantage of my and explore what came to me. At its core I thought that instead of making New Years resolutions, I could make 2021 goals. … More My Optimist Moment

So…it’s been a while

In the following paragraph I kinda just wrote what came to heart, I let me words flow and didn’t edit them. I have finally been able to write. Here is an update on where I have been and what I have been doing. Ok I admit it, I have been in a writing rut. I have spent all of lockdown staring at my screen willing myself to write something, anything, come on just put words in a sensical order. As you may have guessed it didn’t work. During the lockdown … More So…it’s been a while