March Hygge Week

March I have decided to try and incorporate into our month a hygge week to help us recharge and “enjoy the good things in life”.  I choose one “hygge related” thing a day for us to focus on and make sure that we are prepared for it. I love doing these challenges it is so … More March Hygge Week

February Weigh in

For those that are not aware this will be my second weight loss review (1 month in.) of the year, as I am two months into one of my New Years goals. I’ve been writing weekly food diaries and learning everyday. Today is my weigh in day  and I am looking forward to finding out … More February Weigh in

Week 4: Oh dear

Ok ok I know I am late with this one and I know that I have just posted Week 5: I’m doing ok but this is not the normal weekly post admitting this is means setting aside my pride and I needed a week to pluck up the courage. So I had a terrible pretty much disastrous … More Week 4: Oh dear