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Episode 1: Blind Book Date


In this episode we talk about our blind book date where we bought each other a short story to read over the weekend and discuss afterwards. The books we picked this time were G.H.Wells’ The Invisible Man, and A Whole Life by Robert Seethaler.

Episode 2: Quarantine Insanity


In this episode Jess & Jon talk about the trials and tribulations of being stuck inside during the Coronavirus quarantine here in the UK. There are certainly challenges of working from home and it’s increasingly difficult to find things to do to keep our sanity, but are there some silver linings to be seen and opportunities to be grasped during it all? Let’s find out.

Episode 3: Creativity, motivation and work ethic

In this episode Jess & Jon talk about the barriers we all have to creativity and their own ways of overcoming them. They discuss the importance of segregating your work space, keeping it fresh and not forcing it! Do what makes you happy 🙂

Episode 4: Quick fire questions and a Victorian Village

Following a brief hiatus, the podcast returns for episode four where Jess begins by answering a series of questions from a listener (a Mrs Trellace of North Wales). Jess and Jon then regale their recent visit to Blists Hill Victorian village in sunny Telford in the UK, home to the world famous Iron Bridge.

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